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Efficiently deliver and log digital dailies

“We have a long affiliation with the BBC and are proud to help them achieve cost-savings that otherwise couldn’t be accomplished.”

David Peto, CEO of Aframe. 

How Aframe helped the BBC

BBC Three’s remit to target 16-34 year olds by providing viewers with innovative content that focuses on fresh talent and new technologies.

Unlike its commercial rivals, 90% of BBC Three’s output is from the UK, with 70% of original content covering a wide variety of genres including current affairs, drama, animation, as well as producing iconic sitcoms like 'Gavin and Stacey' and 'Little Britain'.


Reality TV shows normally have high shoot ratios. With over 900 hours shot for 6 x 1 hour episodes, the production of 'Shoplife' was no different.

'Shoplife,' a prime time reality TV Show chronicles a group of young people who work in retail at the Metrocentre, the UK’s largest shopping mall, as they struggle to take their first steps towards independence.

Filming quickly accumulated 580 HD cards of content and so the BBC production team required a solution that could speed-up the delivery of rushes from on-location in Newcastle in the North East of England to the post house in London on a daily basis, overcoming the traditional process of shipping multiple hard drives.

With this level of content, sifting through and logging rushes can be painstakingly slow. Runners spend hours creating log sheets and the end result is something that's time-consuming and inefficient to use. A service that could index video to make footage discoverable was essential.


Aframe’s purpose-built UDP technology allowed high-res dailies to be imported straight from camera to the cloud video platform swiftly in single sessions – with no broken files or frustrating restarts, as is common with other file transfer solutions.

Once there, the original rushes were stored as web proxies that Aframe creates automatically - saving an extra step in the production workflow. The rushes are then immediately made ready for distribution to a geographically dispersed team of BBC editors - the schedule saved at least a full day over the usual 72-hour delivery times of storage media.

To further expedite the workflow, Aframe facilitated the commissioning team to tag and log clips accurately and export that information as metadata into a choice of professional editing suites. Only those designated by BBC can access Aframe’s files, so the team can manage security and control centrally.

Comments are timecode-based so editors could search Aframe for exact moments from the shoot based on people, scenes or actions – yielding further efficiencies and cost savings in the edit.

Using Aframe for cloud storage saved the BBC over 20TB of capital investment funding for storage. Since rushes are placed onto Aframe’s triple-redundant network, the BBC could turn on the storage for the duration of the project, and turn it off when production was complete.


By overhauling the traditional complex world of sending and storing large files the BBC saved capital on costly physical backups and storage media.

Given the relatively short duration of the series, Aframe provided a compelling, cost-effective review and storage mechanism to meet every workflow requirement.

“We have a long affiliation with the BBC and are proud to help them achieve cost-savings that otherwise couldn’t be accomplished.” David Peto, CEO of Aframe.

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Accelerated UDP upload, scalable storage, indexed video, team collaboration.


  • Distributing substantial amounts of rushes quickly and securely around the UK.
  • Organizing and archiving the footage so it can be found easily for review.

UDP uploads streamlined transfers at unprecedented speed. Aframe made video searchable with timecode-based annotations to expedite review accompanied by a scalable storage plan with multiple location back-ups.

The BBC saved money on redundant storage and courier costs whilst centralized accessibility and indexes streamlined review.


+ High-speed transfers: BBC shortened their end-to-end workflows by moving large high-resolution video files to the cloud at maximum speed regardless of network conditions or distance.

+ Storage savings: Unlimited storage in the cloud, multiple location back-up on Aframe’s own private servers.

+ File movement savings: Web-based content deliveries avoided occurring any courier costs and redundant storage.

+ Scalable storage month by month: Adjust your storage as you need to. With Aframe increase or decrease as often as you like and only pay for the storage you use.