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What’s New in Aframe?

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We’re out of private beta (pass the champagne!), and there’s a clutch of new features in Aframe we’ll be writing about over the coming few weeks. So many, in fact that we’ll be writing about most of them in individual feature pages.

Some of the great new features in Aframe:

• Send a large video file to someone to simplify sharing video

Real-time comments

Time-based comments

• Sortable metadata in your video tagging

• Automatically-generated web quality video

• Video upload from elsewhere

Naming things

• The project owner can delete things

• Full-screen playback and keyboard control

• Better search so you can find video

256bit SSL encryption

• HTML5 throughout

• For developers we now have a beta API

As always, we have lots more behind the scenes and in development (Avid integration, anyone?) so we’re actively looking for people to join our Beta programme, where you’ll have access to exciting new features (for free) before they are released to everyone.

If you’re interested, drop me a line on


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