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Improved Search = Improved Results

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We’re constantly enhancing the way Aframe’s search engine performs to make it into an even more useful tool for Aframe users. The latest upgrades have really made the search feature more powerful.

Relevant Results
Firstly, search results are sorted by relevance as a default. This means that whilst you may have lots of clips returned from a search, the ones at the top are likely to be the most relevant based on what you’re searching for. For example, a search for “Tom Jerry” will return a whole heap of results, but the ones at the top will be those with Tom AND Jerry, followed by clips with Tom or Jerry.

Refining Search Even Further
Building on the Relevant Results feature, search terms can now use the “&” to return results exclusively featuring both terms. For example, searching for “Tom & Jerry” provides results that are confined to only those featuring Tom and Jerry together. This subtle (but nonetheless important) improvement potentially changes the way users with lots of media on Aframe can find the precise clip they want.

Searching by Clip Titles and Collections
To refine your search, you can now search by just the clip title. For example, to search for clips containing the word Tom, type “Title: Tom”. Similarly, if you had collections featuring the word Tom, you could search only collections with the search term “Collection: Tom”.

Look out for more improvements in search here soon. Let me know if you’d like to be kept updated on upgrades as they happen.

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