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Oh no! Duplicate File Names. Oh no! Duplicate File Names.

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One neat new feature those clever Aframers’ have just developed is a way of handling files from multiple cameras that all have the same file name. This can happen if the camera crew don’t name each camera before shooting begins. Normally, the problem could only be solved by eyeballing the footage and renaming it.

If two people both started shooting on a XF305 (though other cameras are available of course), the first file they would produce might be called something like RE000101.MXF. This presents the crew with immense (and rather annoying) problems when trying to organise the footage. Help is at hand though.

Aframe now automatically appends a unique 8 character code to the end of any duplicated file names, so the 2nd one would be called RE000101-abcd1234 or whatever, which keeps it all nice and unique. All the file names are also editable once it’s in Aframe too.

This all happens without user intervention, which keeps your workflow streamlined and life that much easier.

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