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Streamlining the Post Production Workflow for Blink Films & Clear Cut Pictures

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Classic Car RescueWe’ve been working recently with Blink Films, and Clear Cut Pictures (also one of Aframe’s Upload Partners), to dramatically streamline their post production workflow for the new TV show ‘Classic Car Rescue’ (debuting tonight, Oct 16, at 8pm ET/10pm PT on Discovery World); using Aframe’s cloud video production platform to expedite a cross-Atlantic production.

The show’s hosts scour the United Kingdom, Canada and US for rust buckets that they restore to their former glory. In order to meet the air date, the UK line manager needed a way to enable trans-Atlantic editing for a Canadian coproduction where footage could be accessed simultaneously in London and Toronto. The solution also needed to be user friendly, and feasible for use by the London-based post house Clear Cut Pictures and for the internal editing team. With many hundreds of hours of raw footage shot for the series, a traditional on-premises media asset management solution simply wouldn’t do.

“Aframe made our exceptionally challenging trans-Atlantic workflows faster, safer and easier,” said Ben King, designer, format editor and post workflow consultant for ‘Classic Car Rescue.’ “Before Aframe we were transferring TBs of data on hard-disk, via courier, across the Atlantic. This meant a huge cost and often a considerable delay for the recipients. Now, with Aframe’s unlimited file sizes and native media storage, we could easily upload the new footage as soon as it was brought back from the shoot, and share it to remote locations around the globe in a fraction of the time it would normally take,” Ben said.

“I doubt we could have completed this show on time and on budget by working the traditional way.”

Many hundreds of hours of ‘Classic Car Rescue’ series footage and files were backed-up securely off-site in multiple locations, where they could be retrieved whenever needed – without the threat of loss or corruption. When it came to viewing, Ben and the team could send out a link to edit or clips of footage that opened on Mac, PC or mobile device – without having to worry if the producers and commissioner had the correct software to see it.

“When a commissioner is trying to view an edit on their iPhone after hours or on holiday – you definitely do not want to mess up delivery!” Ben said.

Both Blink’s teams in Toronto and London, as well as its post house Clear Cut Pictures in London, also made heavy use of Aframe’s collaboration features to comment directly on the video stream – giving Ben a set of edit notes from which to work more efficiently.

“More and more customers are getting tuned in to the ways the cloud can transform their video production process,” said Horacio Queiro, CEO of Clear Cut Pictures. “We streamline the entire process and make everyone’s lives easier with Aframe on board.”

“Cross continent production is becoming more the norm than the exception, but on-premises video collaboration technology just can’t keep pace,” said David Peto, CEO of Aframe. “Aframe is tailor-made for expediting video production by freeing creative to focus on their art, and centralizing their footage cloud- along with all the workflow features they need to shape an amazing final production.”

Classic Car Rescue - AframeClassic Car Rescue - Aframe

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