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10 Tips For Producing Your First Corporate Video (Whilst Ensuring it’s Not Your Last)

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You’ve been asked to produce a corporate video, and it’s your first time. That panicked feeling is perfectly normal. Here are some tips to make sure your first production is a smash

…and not a car-crash

1. Make a plan

Deciding on a budget and creating a timeline isn’t sexy work, but it’s absolutely essential for a smooth production. Set dates for important milestones like picking a team, completing the script, shooting footage and finishing the edit. Be realistic, and stick to the plan.

2. Know your audience

A training video viewed by employees should look and feel very different to a video destined to be viewed and shared on social media. Be clear about who you’re trying to reach, right from the beginning.

3. Hone your message

Can you summarize the message of your video in a couple of sentences? If not, you may be trying to say too much. Sharpen that message to a point so fine you can cut your nails with it. In general, the simpler the message, the more effective it will be.

4. Choose your team

Don’t be afraid to call in professionals when it makes sense. Be ruthlessly honest about the areas in which you will need the most help, whether that means the writing, shooting, editing or all of the above. This may be your first rodeo, but that doesn’t mean you should work with an inexperienced crew.

5. Get creative

With your audience and message in mind, it’s time to flex some creative muscle. You must decide how you are going to communicate your message. This is where the ordinary can become extraordinary, so reach for the skies, but be original! A good team (see point 4) is invaluable here.

6. Participate

Make contributions to the script and try and be on set during principle photography. If you are too hands off, you may get a nasty surprise later on in the process.

7. Pay attention to detail

No matter how many people are on your team, ultimately you must be the one that notices the little things. Take ownership of this early in the production. A missed scene or a typo can bring the general level of quality down, so be sure that you are the one to notice these things.

8. Be cool

Shoots will be delayed by weather. Equipment will break down. Try to keep some perspective and roll with the changes. You’ll avoid a nervous breakdown, and everyone around you will appreciate it.

9. Be confident

Every painter has to walk away from the canvas eventually. Tweaking colors and obsessing over the edit can—and sometimes does—go on forever. Don’t be that client. Have confidence in your choices and don’t second guess yourself.

10. Have fun

Make sure you take time to appreciate the process along the way. You will get to work with creative professionals and create something unique.

Hopefully these tips will help you create a successful video. Now it’s your turn. If you have any tips for ensuring a smooth production, or even your own corporate videos, add them in the comments below.

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