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MarVista Entertainment Streamlines TV Movie Production Using Aframe’s Cloud-Based Platform for Digital Dailies

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Marvista 'Gone Missing' MarVista Entertainment used Aframe for their latest Film, Gone Missing

LONDON and BOSTON, June 25, 2013 – Leading producer and distributor MarVista Entertainment has used Aframe’s cloud-based media asset management solutions to expedite review and approval of digital dailies for numerous nationally aired features as part of a hyper-streamlined workflow. Backed by Aframe’s ability to take footage direct from cameras, into the cloud, and deliver content as Web links in an email, MarVista now routinely is getting dailies up and ready to watch an average of 24 hours earlier than before. Aframe’s speed and ease of use also is allowing fast identification and fixes of issues the next day, and made it easier to keep an entire team of professionals in many locations on the same page creatively.

“All of us at MarVista took to Aframe instantly. It’s a natural, intuitive, fast and invaluable part of both our production process as well as our post-production workflow,” said Rich Carroll, post-production supervisor at MarVista Entertainment. “As a rule our budgets and schedules are efficient by necessity, and leave little room for error. Dedicated digital dailies solutions are out there, but Aframe is more budget-friendly. Aframe rivals major digital dailies solutions feature for feature, and its use costs us a fraction of dedicated solutions – an amazing saving that lets us deploy Aframe throughout our operations.”

Instead of waiting for a courier to drive raw footage across town – and performing transcoding as a separate step that might take a few hours – MarVista’s standard workflow involves sending footage direct from multiple camera types into Aframe’s cloud-based video production solution. Once there, the original rushes are stored and web friendly proxy files that Aframe automatically generated – saving an extra step in the production workflow and several hours, every day. With Aframe, MarVista avoids the need for transcoding, burning, and distributing 10 sets of DVDs each day, and can simply upload raw footage and send one email with a link to an H.264 proxy, to be viewed anywhere and anytime from any device by busy producers and executives on the go.

Using Aframe in this way turned potentially big fixes into small, manageable ones. For example on one film, MarVista’s editor discovered an issue with production audio as he reviewed the dailies from day 1. The team were able to make the appropriate adjustments on set on day 2, avoiding considerably more costly adjustments down the line.

MarVista also relied on Aframe during a peak volume time when the firm was shooting five independent features around the world. Aframe’s efficiency in turning around dailies footage in hours allowed MarVista to stay on top of an immense work load with ease.

Recent projects expedited by Aframe include “Gone Missing,“ a drama airing on Lifetime this month,as well as indy films “Off Season,” directed by John Stimpson and shot in Boston, and “The Compound,” directed by Rachel Goldenberg and shot in LA.

“From Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond, production teams are challenged to meet shorter schedules and tight budgets on TV and film projects, and a cloud-based approach makes so much sense in many points of the production cycle,” said David Peto, CEO of Aframe. “We’re delighted that Aframe is helping MarVista achieve amazing turnarounds with same-day digital dailies and more.”

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