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How long will my upload take?

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Our sales and service teams are asked this question a lot. Naturally, once a client has decided to use the world’s first online video production service, they understandably want their footage online right away. We have several ways of ingesting media:

  • Get the media to us at our Soho office on a hard drive.
  • Use FTP to drag and drop the files you want to upload online.
  • Use the web uploader, where you can benefit from superfast UDP upload

Dropping a drive round to us is fine if you’re in London and pretty centrally located, but increasingly clients are using us from further afield. But what if you upload footage using the web uploader? How long will that take? The answer (to the question in the title of this post) depends on the speed of your internet connection. Actual internet speed varies according to a number of factors, so you’ll first need to understand what speeds you’re actually getting. There are several sites offering this service; Speedtest, Broadband Speed and Internet Speedtest are all good. The test will give you an estimate for your current download and upload speeds. These may vary at different times of day and whether you are connecting wirelessly or hard-wired (Aframe’s wireless internet upload speed is 4 times slower than when hard-wired). Next you need to understand the size of the video files you will be uploading. If they’re not on a hard drive or your computer then use Video Space Online to find out the file size. You’ll need to know the file format and the length of your video. Google have provided a neat way of calculating the upload time. Enter the following formula straight into the search bar:

File size / Upload speed / sec

File size can be in MB, GB or TB. Upload speed should be in Mb/sec (Megabits per second). It then shows you how long it will take to upload your file. The Google calculator even adjusts the time measurement so it’s in a useable timeframe. So to upload a 5 minute clip of XDCAM footage (950MB) on a 1.68 Mb/sec line will take 1¼ hours.

This doesn’t take into account things that might slow the process down like your computer’s speed or changes in internet connectivity. If you have any questions about uploading video to Aframe, give us a call, drop us an email or tweet us.

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