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New Features: Logger & Tools to Make Uploading Video Better

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This week, we’re rolling out a series of new features to further improve your production and ingest experience.

Aframe Logger Aframe Logger

The process of Logging in television production terms is the act of adding words to video, precisely against the footage timecode, that describe what’s happening on screen. This makes it easier to find specific clips and navigate the media, which is particularly useful on high shoot ratio productions and for long-term video archive.

Before now, the solutions available were pretty laborious, relying on a mixture of either paper or Microsoft Excel. It stands to reason that these processes are neither accurate nor fast.

Aframe Logger is a brand new feature that makes logging footage quick, easy and convenient, speeding up the transition from shoot to edit. We’ll be launching Aframe Logger at IBC 2013, so if you are there, why not book a personal demo? Alternatively, be one of the first to try Logger with a no obligation trial.

Upload Enhancements

Before you can enjoy the speed and efficiency of video asset management in the cloud, you need to upload your native content files easily and efficiently. These next two new features make the process quicker and more convenient for third parties to add media to your project.

Upload Directly Into Collections

Now when you upload a video file into your Aframe project you’ll be given the option of adding it to one of that project’s collections, right from the point of upload. That collection might contain the previous day’s rushes, the night shots or even footage from a particular camera, which means you can get started that much sooner.

Third Party Upload

You might not want the people who upload footage into your project to see the rest of the project material or comments. They might be suppliers, contributors or partners. They might even be a filmmaker’s entry to a film festival. Either way, now you can give permission for third parties to upload footage into your project, without necessarily being a member of the project team. They won’t be able to see anything else in the project – or share, amend or comment – so there’s no danger in these people altering any other material.

To experience these new features now, get in touch for a demo.

Download Aframe's Tagging & Logging Playbook

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