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Panasonic & Aframe Collaboration Delivers A Media-Less Cloud-Based Workflow

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AJ-PX5000G and Handheld AJ-PX270 Camcorders Upload Files Directly to Customers’ Aframe Accounts: No Computer Required

Panasonic's AJ-PX270

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 7, 2014) - Panasonic has unveiled its plans to expand its network transmission function for the AJ-PX5000G 2/3” shoulder-mount and new AJ-PX270 handheld camcorders, both with native AVC-ULTRA recording, in partnership with cloud video platform provider Aframe. These innovative cameras will be enabled with both wired and wireless LAN connectivity as well as 4G to support a cloud-based network workflow.  The camcorders can facilitate the work of professionals in both electronic news gathering and remote production.

Addressing the need for high-speed file exchange, the PX5000G’s and PX270’s high-resolution AVC-Proxy encodes in parallel with higher bandwidth production formats, enabling fast, efficient offline editing, at bit rates from 6 Mbps down to 800kbps. Combining AVC-Proxy with the PX5000G and PX270 camcorders’ wired and wireless upload capabilities means that users can leverage Aframe’s secure cloud video platform for fast delivery back to base and streamlined review and approval via the browser. The workflow allows Aframe customers to upload media into their project directly from the camera, saving time and making it exceptionally easy for professionals to leverage all the benefits of secure cloud storage, collaboration and management of video content.

Once stored in Aframe, files are transcoded to an H.264 viewing copy – allowing the project team to review the content in near-real-time. The in-camera proxies uploaded to Aframe are of such high quality (rivaling that of competitive cameras primary recording formats) that in breaking news scenarios, the media can be used to push the story to air.  Within a long-form project, the in-camera proxies can even be used as offline edit media using Aframe’s metadata export and edit integration functionality.

Once the high resolution media is delivered back to the facility from remote locations, editors can relink their sequence for conform and delivery. The high resolution media can also be uploaded to Aframe, where it will synch up with the proxy media uploaded on location – completing the circle on the workflow and ensuring that best quality media is available for repurposed content.

Panasonic has been collaborating with Aframe since NAB 2012, to deliver a full file based media management system, and with the PX5000G and PX270 it will be possible to take advantage of Aframe’s simplicity without even removing the P2 cards from the camera.

For more information about the AJ-PX5000G and AJ-PX270, visit

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