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A New Layout For Easier Use and Faster Navigation

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Introducing the new UI for your Aframe projects.

We’ve recently been working on some changes to the layout of Aframe, which make it easier than ever to use. These latest upgrades facilitate faster navigation and provide a better overall user experience, particularly on larger projects.

Many features of the new interface will be familiar – we’ve ported over the existing features onto the new interface – but we’ve streamlined the navigation and maximized on-screen space to help make the process of working with video even faster.

Navigation sidebar

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve moved the main navigation bar from the top of the page to the left-hand side. The navigation bar incorporates the spaces that you’ll already be familiar with across your projects; Footage, Logging, Documents, Activity, Processing and Settings, plus quick access to your account and log out.

Your dashboard provides an overview of all of the projects you’re currently working on. Once inside a project, the menu extends to include different spaces within the selected project. The Settings page incorporates a secondary layer where you can conveniently access administrative controls for managing the team, creating FTP end-points, choosing available transcodes and extending the project permissions.

Aframe's New Navigation Layout

More screen real estate

When viewing the Footage page on larger screens, you will now be able to fit more clips in a row within the grid – maximizing your on-screen real estate and making it easier to view multiple clips in one go. This view is responsive to your screen size, so the application will always display clips in the most efficient layout for your screen. If you resize your window, the page contents will adapt to make the most of the space available.

More screen real estate for clips

Future proofing

This new layout also provides us with a really strong platform to grow the number of spaces available within a project. Pages are designed to scroll vertically, rather than horizontally. By moving the navigation bar to the left-hand side of the page, we give ourselves more space to grow – without compromising on user experience.

In addition to the above, this UI refresh is also designed to bring together the aesthetic and functional elements of our web app and our newly-launched desktop app for a unified user experience across the Aframe product set.

“Speed and ease-of-use are key factors for customers embracing new technologies. With this release, we’re aiming to build on the strengths of our incredibly simple user interface, whilst tweaking the application space to allow for anticipated future growth.” said Mike Stenhouse, Aframe’s Head of User Experience.

Watch our short video to see our new layout in action.

Let us know what you think in the comments below or if you’re already an Aframe user and have questions about how this change will effect your projects, speak with your account manager.

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