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Norway’s TV2 Relies on Aframe to Produce “Best Series Yet” of Factual Entertainment Show “Sporty”

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TV2 Norway LogoLONDON AND BOSTON, Tuesday 6 May 2014: Cloud video platform company Aframe has helped Norway’s largest commercial TV station, TV2, to produce the latest series of its eight-episode factual entertainment show Sporty with a dramatic increase in efficiency. By enabling a more efficient edit workflow, Aframe allowed Sporty’s production team to save on the time spent on mundane tasks and instead devote more time on the storytelling aspect of their work. According to Sporty’s editor, Steinar Marthinsen, the additional time spent on the creative has helped the team “produce the best series yet.

TV2 deployed Aframe in the production and editing of Series 4 of Sporty, a show about 10 people getting fit ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The show was filmed in three locations around Norway, before the 450 hours of footage were brought back to base in Oslo for organising, filtering and editing. Sifting through such a massive amount of footage was so time consuming that the production team would allocate 40% of each edit cycle to sort, manage, log and organise footage for each episode. Faced with big shoots and tight deadlines with each episode, the team wanted to free up time for more important efforts.

By utilising Aframe as one central location for storing and managing all footage in the cloud, the production manager, director and loggers could move out of the edit suite, and upload and access content on their iPads and laptops from anywhere at anytime. They could assemble rough cuts and compilations with ease, socialise them among the team, note everyone’s comments and arrive at the edit prepared, with the footage already pre-assembled. Reducing mundane organisational tasks helped free the Sporty team to spend more time on creative storytelling, and helped assure they could deliver an exceptional product, on time.

Steinar Marthinsen comments: “The level of efficiency Aframe delivered compared to our very well-practiced workflow has genuinely impressed us. After three seasons of Sporty, we were skeptical as to how much time Aframe could actually save us, but we were pleasantly surprised. Not only did the show get produced faster than ever, we got to spend additional time in the production cycle on our storytelling. Creativity is what it’s all about – and because we had more time to be creative, I felt we produced our best series yet.

Aframe adds efficiency to the entire production process with easy to use tools to quickly sort, filter and find exact clips and moments of footage. Users access Aframe from any web browser, operating system, and clips on computers, smart phones or tablets. Aframe begins capturing metadata the moment a piece of footage is uploaded. Once production reaches the edit stage, all of the metadata can be brought straight into the Avid, FCP or Premiere; vastly accelerating the total offline post time.

In addition, because Sporty’s footage needs to be annotated with logs to make it searchable, Sporty’s production team saved additional time using Aframe’s Logger solution. Logging is always a slow and cumbersome task with staff often adding timecode notes into an Excel spreadsheet or Word document from in an edit suite where they could access the edit network. Aframe’s purpose built Logger solution enabled Sporty’s production team to quickly add timecode-specific logs to the project. Logs would show up as searchable text, precisely assigned to the correct points on the timeline. In addition, because Aframe Logger is cloud-based, team members could access it from any laptop or desktop over the internet. A formerly cumbersome process became far more efficient and also freed up an edit suite for revenue-producing business.

Steinar concludes, “The benefits that Aframe has delivered have been far greater than just a more efficient editing process. It has enabled us to focus on the aspect of production that we actually all enjoy the most – making a great show that our viewers will really enjoy.

Factual entertainment has astoundingly high shoot-to-air ratios that make it the perfect use case for the upshot of efficiency that Aframe delivers,” said David Peto, CEO and Founder of Aframe. “We’re happy to be at the heart of such qualified time-savings and most of all, that our solution is enabling even greater creativity.

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