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Aframe 3.0: Automatic Transcode

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Accepting the widest array of pro-video formats on the market today, Aframe 3.0’s latest transcode options offers customers amazing flexibility in terms of camera options.

Aframe 3.0’s automatic transcode feature addresses a historic problem in production workflows: the need to homogenize the myriad video formats created by professional cameras, before they hit the edit or go to air.

By automating transcode to a preferred format, media arrives in a common file type, with the entire resource-intensive processing happening ahead of time, in the cloud and all without the need to purchase any on-premise equipment.

When files are ingested, they can be automatically transcoded into a preferred house codec, pre-selected from popular formats including Avid DNxHD, XDCAM and AVC Intra.

List of Aframe Transcode Formats

Users can now also select individual clips for custom transcoding to additional formats – DNxHD, DVCProHD, XDCAM HD, IMX 50 – critically, these include 1080i (60 and 50) and 720p (50 and 60) covering bases across both PAL and NTSC.

Uniform data configuration means everyone has peace of mind that regardless of the input format, Aframe will provide the right output format for your organization – these clips can then be easily shared with people outside the project with our unique clip-sharing feature.

The radical developments to Aframe’s transcoding abilities means less effort spent on transcoding footage before the edit, meaning large capital savings on transcoding tools. With flexible transcode options for your preferred flavour, you can get to work more quickly and finish production sooner – saving you time and money.

“Taking video, processing it and outputting it to a range of different formats is something that every organisation, large or small, has to do on a daily basis. The process is often manual, laborious and highly resource-hungry. For these reasons, transposing transcode to the cloud makes a lot of sense. By building transcode-as-a-service into the product, we hope to free up teams to be even more creative, and create their best work.” Rory McVicar, Aframe’s Head of Product.

Discover more about automatic transcoding with Aframe’s pre recorded Demo of 3.0. Aframe plan to extend this list of transcode options so we are happy to speak with you about your particular transcode needs. Contact one of our workflow specialists at or alternatively, drop us a note at

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