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Aframe 3.0: The Desktop App

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Aframe 3.0 brings a new desktop app for automated processes for your regular workflows, saving time and hassle in upload and sharing.

Desktop App

You know how using a smartphone is just so effortless? You create an entry in your calendar app and it’s automatically synced with the calendar on your laptop. You take a photo and it’s instantly backed up somewhere else, so if you ever lose your phone, your precious snaps are retrievable.

We’ve just got used to these amazing features. In fact, we’ve come to expect them in every aspect of our lives.

With the latest version of Aframe, 3.0, we are trying to offer that inherent convenience to TV production and broadcast. Getting rid of the friction that people suffer every day makes the process faster and therefore cheaper.

Getting media into one central location and making it easily viewable by project stakeholders is still a major issue for dispersed teams. Our new desktop app simplifies, automates and accelerates this process.

Smart upload technology automatically chooses the best connectivity settings based on your available bandwidth – meaning your files will be up in Aframe’s servers quicker and more reliably than ever before.The desktop app automatically uploads any video you place in a folder on your local machine with projects or collections to your Aframe project.

The desktop app simplifies, streamlines and accelerates the process of getting your media from your local location up into the cloud and available to the rest of your project team.

“ The user experience for this is entirely simple. It’s a world away from the manual and laborious process of uploading through the browser and all of the different mechanisms that are traditionally associated with pushing video to a cloud service. This really streamlines and simplifies that process”. Aframe’s Head of Product Development, Rory McVicar.

Discover the desktop app in action with Aframe’s pre recorded Demo of 3.0. To experience the desktop app yourself, click on the green ‘Upload Footage’ button within a project. There you will find a link to download. Alternatively, follow this link (login required): If you have any questions, please email our customer services team at

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