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Aframe 3.0: User Controls

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Aframe 3.0 brings granular permission structures and configurable user settings to give you greater control over your Aframe accounts.

Aframe 3.0 introduces a new permissions feature designed to ensure that your IP is protected and monitored at all times. By redefining user powers, project owners now have the ability to invite users and specify their level of access and functionality within each project.

Critically, the permissions can be optimized to mirror organizational structures, hierarchies and roles. Granular permission structures give a new tier of options to Aframe accounts for improved management where project owners can limit a users access to only work within a dedicated space or a specified clip collection.

Project owners can click ‘invite teammate’ in the settings tab, where they will find the option to invite somebody to the project and assign their level of access. Full access allows the user to see all of the footage within a project whereas workspace access only permits a user to see a subset of clips within the project.


Project owners can further manage their team’s abilities by specifying what functionality they want each team member to have access to. By simply clicking the tick box on the relevant function they can also remove the ability to delete clips, download clips, export metadata and share clips.

In addition to these granular permission controls, which apply to your team on a project-by-project basis, you can now also invite third parties to work within a dedicated space inside the project without compromising security – for example users now have the ability to create an FTP upload point with a set of credentials for a user who is not part of the project. Uploaders can’t log in or view footage, they can only upload via FTP. Perfect for external contributors or stringers out in the field.

As before, administrators can monitor activity within their projects via the activity page, which is essentially designed as an audit log of everything that happens within your project.


“Aframe offers content producers the ability to access video and work with it from anywhere in the world. Having everybody on the same page helps reduce the friction of keeping people in the loop during a project, allowing for increased efficiencies and a better end product. However, when you begin to centralise elements of your operations, people management tooling becomes every bit as important as the core creative feature-set of a SaaS platform. By addressing this issue with enhanced organisational tooling and granular permissions in the application, we’re looking to provide a greater degree of flexibility and control to service provisioners and working groups.” Rory McVicar, Aframe’s Head of Product.

Discover more about the redefined user controls with Aframe’s 3.0 launch video. If you have any questions, please email our customer services team at or alternatively drop us a note at

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