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6 Tricks to Simplify Aframe: Part 3

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If you’ve been following our recent of run of posts covering insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of Aframe, by now you should be a veritable cloud video champion. In this latest instalment, we’ve only gone and assembled 6 more points that will reinforce your status as an Aframe guru.

To discover more about our latest releases and best practice notes, refer back to parts 1 & 2 – why not even share these with your fellow Aframers?

1. Retain Adobe XMP Metadata

Did you know that if you’re adding log notes and descriptive metadata to clips in Adobe Prelude or Premiere, we will extract this information for you at ingest and present it against the asset for all the team to benefit from in your Aframe project.

Comment markers will even be applied to their corresponding timecode point in the footage, ensuring that remote viewers can jump straight to specific points of interest, as soon as the clips become available in the project.

2. Playlist reordering

Are you aware that you can create a hand-sorted order of clips within a Collection? With a selection of clips open in the Review panel, click on the Reorder icon to the right of the player.

Playlist Reordering

Create a sequence of shots that work and discard unwanted clips by dragging them out of the playlist. When you’re happy with your order, why not share it with one of your collaborators?

3. View Source Clip Info

As you probably know, when you’re watching video on Aframe, you’re actually looking at an h.264 proxy, which is automatically generated in order to allow team members the ability to preview video assets in the browser. Crucially, Aframe also always preserves the original file uploaded, in exactly the format presented at source.

You can always view the source clip info for any clip by clicking on the little “i” icon next to the player. This information is non-editable – you’ll find details of the clip timecode and filename, in addition to video and audio codec, container, original file size, and framerate.

View Source Clip Info

4. Bulk Selection of Clips

When working on large projects, it’s easy to accumulate a vast number of clips. To bulk select just those clips you require, click and hold as you drag a rubber band around a group of clips in the grid view.

For bulk deselect, press and hold the shift key, deselecting the first clip in the selection and then the last. All clips in between will be deselected.

5. Quick Load a Single Clip in the Player

When navigating the project space and finding a thumbnail that looks interesting, for super fast review you can double click on the thumbnail to automatically load the clip into the player.

6. Document logs

Print logs for a nicely formatted document to accompany you in the edit.

Document logs

You’ll find the print button adjacent to the ‘keyboard shortcuts’ icon in the bottom right hand corner under the review panel when viewing footage.

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