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Aframe Desktop App Drives Automated Media Distribution

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In the latest release of the Aframe desktop app, users can combine accelerated media movement with cloud transcode to automate the delivery of video files in the correct format, to project stakeholders – wherever they may be.

Building on the success of earlier releases, which allowed users to automate the upload process by mapping a local folder to a project on Aframe, it is now possible to automate the download of assets from the cloud to a specified location on your local machine or network attached storage.

This is achieved very simply by creating a one-time set up within the app, taking a collection on Aframe and pointing it towards a target download destination specified by the user. If transcode is enabled on the project, users can also choose which type of media they require – be it original, proxy or any one of a number of different broadcast standards.

Once the connection is created, any new files added to the collection will be automatically downloaded to the user’s specified location, in their specified format, without any further need for manual intervention. Users can push files to one another by uploading directly into a download-enabled folder, allowing for a streamlined point-to-point media movement workflow.

This isn’t just point-to-point media movement, though. All files are stored and made available for preview in the Aframe project – so if another project stakeholder needs to access the files, they can do so independently by browsing the content online and pulling down the clips they need.

Aframe Uploader

“The Aframe Desktop App is designed to revolutionise the way you send and receive professional video files between the different locations in your organisation. By keeping the user experience simple, users can build out their own distributed network – leveraging Aframe as a central point for added flexibility throughout their operations.” Rory McVicar, Head of Product at Aframe.

Get Started

Installing the desktop application couldn’t be easier. Simply log into your Aframe account and click on the link in the footer. Alternatively, Aframe users can navigate direct to

For more information on the Aframe Desktop App, head over to our 3.0 feature page. 

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