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Aframe Innovators: MarVista’s Rich Carroll

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Visionaries see opportunity, instead of risk – smarter business solutions, instead of the discomfort of what at first is a new workflow. Aframe is honored to have a cadre of innovative leaders as our customers. These Aframe Innovators like MarVista Entertainment’s Rich Carroll have clear business goals in mind, and are using cloud-enabled approaches to achieve them. We salute the improvements Rich and others like him are making to the best practices in our industry.

Richard Carroll – Post Production Supervisor


Company Focus: 

A leading global producer and distributor of film and television programming that provides programming to U.S. cable networks, including Disney, Lifetime, Hallmark, NBC Universal, and MTV Networks, as well as key international broadcasters.

Business Goal:

Smarter digital dailies review and approval. “Dedicated digital dailies solutions are out there, but they’re not exactly budget-friendly or easy to use.” 

Previous Workflow:

MarVista performed transcoding after receipt of raw dailies footage, adding a few hours to processing time – then either chose couriers to drive raw footage across town, or used a costly dedicated digital dailies solutions. On average, dailies took up to two days to be delivered.

Cloud-Enabled Workflow:

With Aframe, MarVista is getting dailies up and ready to watch an average of 24 hours earlier than before. Aframe’s speed and ease of use also is allowing fast identification and fixes of issues the next day, and made it easier to keep an entire team of professionals in many locations on the same page creatively.

MarVista’s new workflow involves sending footage direct from multiple camera types into Aframe’s cloud-based video production solution. Once there, the original rushes are stored and web friendly proxy files that Aframe automatically generated – saving an extra step in the production workflow and several hours, every day. The new cloud-enabled workflow with Aframe avoids the need for transcoding, burning, and distributing 10 sets of DVDs each day, and can simply upload raw footage and send one email with a link to an h.264 proxy, to be viewed anywhere and anytime from any device by busy producers and network executives on the go.

Read the full case study. 

Latest Projects:

“Starving In Suburbia,” which aired on Lifetime-TV in May 2014. At least 20 additional movies in process including holiday 2014 specials “Naughty and Nice” and “Christmas in Fashion”; the teen-oriented drama “The Assault”; and “Mothers of the Bride.”

Aframe’s Results: “Aframe is the only digital dailies solution I’ve used ever since we implemented it. Aframe rivals major digital dailies solutions feature for feature, and its use costs us a fraction of dedicated solutions – an amazing savings that lets us deploy Aframe throughout our operations.”

“I also love Aframe’s versatility and ease of use. The user interface is so intuitive that a non-computer user can navigate it without asking me for assistance.” 

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