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A Timeline For Change

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With production teams becoming increasingly mobile and footage needing to be viewed and approved on the go, the most innovative of post-production houses are turning to the cloud as a way of achieving efficiency gains.

Timeline TV is one such organisation that has embraced the cloud and embarked on an enterprise relationship with Aframe to ensure all dailies can be accessed anywhere, at any time by the relevant members of the production team; saving them time and money whilst improving the overall efficiency and quality of production.

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The objectives

Timeline Television is a post-production organisation in London, boasting three fully equipped technical facilities, one of which was the first independent Post Production & Broadcast facility to open its doors at MediaCity UK. Timeline has since helped to edit and produce a variety of programmes and live TV shows, including the London Olympics in 2012.

Due to the volume of productions and the various locations of the shoots, Timeline realised that they needed an infrastructure that could help them get the dailies to the producers and review team quickly and efficiently. It was this need for speed, accuracy and a secure environment that led them to the cloud and ultimately Aframe’s platform.

The benefits

Timeline needed a platform that could help them to not only share dailies quickly and efficiently but also one that could provide them with the reassurance of extensive security. Eben Clancy, Director of Post Production at Timeline TV, commented “We have found Aframe to be secure and easy to manage with full-resolution capabilities that we have not found elsewhere. As a former editor, I appreciate how the nature of the cloud allows you to organise and give my team access to full-resolution media wherever and whenever they need it, while still being able to generate viewing proxies for easy review by others.”

The ability to get dailies across for review instantly was a particular benefit on the production of Channel 4’s ‘The Mill’. Reviewing footage early in the filming schedule can identify audio and visual issues that might affect the broadcast, leading to scenes to be re-shot, a hugely expensive and time-consuming task. This was particularly relevant when the team feared that the content shot for ‘The Mill’ may potentially be too dark to broadcast. Timeline was able to run through a post process of the footage and reassure the production team that the issue could be fixed in post-production.

Of further importance was Aframe’s flexibility. Clancy explained, “We have used Aframe for 12 projects so far and each time we have needed different capabilities. Aframe has always been able to provide us with the ability to change the focus and functionality of the platform as we needed to.”

The future

Timeline has now embarked on an enterprise project with Aframe, allowing Timeline to use Aframe within all future productions on a retained basis.

“Moving to an enterprise deal with Aframe was a no-brainer for us. They have helped us to achieve significant time savings and generate further income on each of the 12 projects so far, and this is something we wanted to replicate across all productions.

“The ease of using the cloud for our productions is such an added bonus for us. It allows all our teams to collaborate and choose workflows that work for them, from any location on any device. The flexibility this gives you when dealing with a large range of collaborators is invaluable and we want to embrace that within every production.”

The time is now for post-production houses and broadcasters to address the incapability’s that traditional workflow processes bring. It is time to embrace, as Timeline has, the real opportunity of the cloud.

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