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Introducing Aframe’s Fall 2014 Release: Enterprise-Grade Video Platform

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New Release Delivers Drag-And-Drop Automated File Upload, Business Analytics, 5x Performance Boost, More Security and Control; The Flexibility to Build Streamlined Workflows that Save Time and Costs.


BOSTON and LONDON November 10, 2014 – Aframe announced that it has delivered a step-change in the automation and efficiency that is available from cloud-based video solutions on the market today with a major new version of its cloud video platform. The Aframe Fall 2014 release provides enterprise-grade business intelligence and control over video assets being acquired and produced around the world – with features that help reduce the number of steps required to get content to air and make it easy to build blazingly fast, self-service applications that save time and lower costs. As the relentless drive for broadcasters to optimize ROI and reduce video production costs continues, the new Aframe cloud video platform is already helping some of the biggest names in TV, film, news and sports production to optimize workflows across large global teams and gain a competitive edge. This latest Aframe release makes it even faster and easier to store, manage, share, review and distribute full-resolution video securely across entire enterprises. New features include:

  • Automate Media Movement and Transcode Workflows in Aframe Desktop Aframe’s desktop app now includes a drag and drop automated file upload to enable “Share to Many” capability for simple and time-saving workflow orchestration. Aframe automatically transcodes content into an h.264 viewing copy, and, if desired, can also automatically transcode the footage to one or more of a number of different broadcast standards, including XDCam, DVCProHD and DNxHD – before delivering it to team members around the world. Such automation streamlines this usually laborious, multi-step process to be seamless, fast and efficient. Aframe Desktop now includes linked upload / download functionality, allowing for incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful workflow orchestration
  • Metrics Dashboard – displaying analytics on cloud video storage use, per-account-seat allocation, file transfers and share links created – data that shows who is using what resources, where, at a glance for both cost allocation purposes and to provide insight on better ways for teams to work. Improved share link management lets users see at a glance the links they have created to Aframe content, where they were shared, by whom and how many times each clip has been viewed.
  • 5x Performance Enhancement – page loads in Aframe are 5x faster than just six months ago, plus, the new UI lets users see more clips per page, for more efficient footage organization.
  • More granular and flexible management – with expanded role-based access rights and team management controls suitable for enterprise-scale use. Aframe account administrators can see  across all projects within the account while assigning either another administrator with administration controls, OR assigning certain users the ability to only view and interact with a specific project or workspace, rather than being able to see the entire video collection.
  • Integration with third-party products like Adobe Prelude – helping users to maintain their preferred video workflow. XMP Metadata created in Adobe Prelude – a popular tool for logging and rough-cutting newly acquired content – is now captured at the point of upload. Timecode-based locators and clip summary metadata is preserved and presented in the Aframe UI, allowing team members to search against this information and add their own notes before aggregating video annotations into an edit system of choice.
  • Even More Security and Control – file transfer is AES encrypted during both download and upload, while the new Share links dashboard tracks all media transfers of footage from the project to provide full visibility over your precious content. Share links can now also be managed even after they have been published.

The new Aframe version will be showcased at Content & Communications World (CCW) starting this Wednesday November 12 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. Live demonstrations will also be available on Thursday November 20 via webinar. For more information including registration details click here >>

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