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Unicef UK Chooses Aframe’s Cloud Video Platform To Help Increase Collaboration On Video Projects

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BOSTON AND LONDON January 27, 2015 – Unicef UK has chosen Aframe’s cloud video platform to help manage its promotional video activity. Unicef UK creates and manages a wide variety of video footage including promotional content and corporate films. Prior to working with Aframe, Unicef UK relied on multiple external hard drives and RAID drives which meant there was no way to collaborate or share footage remotely.


However, by enabling users to directly upload content that can be viewed by team members across the organisation, Unicef is able to manage all video content in a centralised and secure workspace. Previous to Aframe, Unicef UK had a variety of disparate systems in place which made collaboration very difficult – particularly when working with external producers and video teams on larger projects.

Ian Williamson, ICT Director at Unicef UK, commented, “The use of Aframe has provided us with the ability to work more collaboratively with our external freelancers and video teams, as well as providing a lot more visibility for our internal teams. It has allowed us to remove the reliance we had on RAID drives and instead use the cloud to effectively store the footage that we need.”

Unicef UK is currently storing and working on around 120 projects within the Aframe platform and all of the video footage for those projects is easily accessible and easily located so the teams can gain access to the footage as and when they need it, from any location. This is something Unicef UK were unable to achieve with the multiple storage locations and formats they had previously.

Ian continues, “I also like the fact that we can grow with the system. Before we engaged Aframe, if we wanted to innovate or embrace new technologies we would have to replace the equipment we already had in place. Now we can innovate with Aframe and embrace the new functionality as and when it is rolled out. The cloud makes this so much easier for us.”

“Collaboration is really important within the team and for me that is the main benefit of using Aframe. The platform is making our processes more efficient, which will save time and money; but it’s also about giving us more time to produce interesting, innovative content that will support our fundraising and campaigning efforts.” he concludes.

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