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Putting a face to a name

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Most companies are guilty of it; spending more money on a website, social media and online marketing than we do on putting a real person, a real face, front and centre of our brand.

But is it time for a change?

As a CEO I feel it is my responsibility to set the culture of the business and if that means sticking my neck on the line then I should. As UK businesses we seem to be spending more time getting our marketing message right and our internal strategies aligned than we do dusting off our best suits and putting ourselves in front of customers and prospects. But why are UK companies so increasingly faceless and how can companies start putting a face to a name?

For me the answer is video. Not just any old video; a video of a real person, a real employee, even better, the CEO. And why? Because by putting my face on the front of my brand I am putting my hands up and saying ‘everything I am about to tell you is true and if its not, you know who I am.’

US companies do this well, Facebook, Salesforce, Uber, they all have their CEO front and centre of the brand, they make them stand up and be counted. And so they should. As a CEO of a global company based in the UK, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could put my face to the Aframe name. So, we came up with ‘Seeing is Believing’, a video that makes me, the CEO, stand up and be counted.

The video came about as we noticed that visitors to our website were almost always visiting the ‘about us’ page or the ‘meet the team’ page. They wanted to see who ran the business and whom they would work with. They wanted to see the face to the name.

Before ‘Seeing is Believing’ we had a standard marketing video on our homepage that was 1 minute long. We would see 70% of people who clicked on it drop off before the end and 10% drop off in the first 10 seconds. However, since putting a more personal video on the site, with a real person and a real story we have seen a huge increase in watches. The video is now 3.5 minutes long and 55% of people watch it to the end, a huge difference.

Why do I think this is?

Because of me. Not me as an individual, most people don’t care that I am David Peto from Aframe, but me as a fellow human being. A face. When somebody puts a camera in front of you, you can’t hide. Sure, you can have your make up done and put a huge amount of filters on the shot, but you can’t hide your personality, the truth in your eyes and you can’t hide your passion for the brand.

Video is by far the most honest way to communicate.

This is why you, the CEO, should stand up, be counted and make a difference to your business. It is time to put a face to a name.

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