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Why Consumer Video Collaboration Tools Are Unsuitable For Review & Approval

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Whilst trying to gain approval for video projects, it’s sometimes tempting to think that using YouTube would be a logical place to start. But it’s not.

In an effort to get away from the tortuous habit of relying on long email trains to capture feedback or having protracted telephone calls, using an online tool to make the process smoother seems to make sense.

After all, services like these are proven to handle video content exceptionally well. Once the content is uploaded, it’s childishly easy to share it with anyone else, right? Perhaps you can use the comments feature for feedback? The video will play on any device, so what could possibly go wrong?

Here we elaborate on some of the main reasons YouTube isn’t a good fit for review and approval

The main problem stems from the fact that tools such as YouTube are geared towards the consumer rather than professional media businesses. With these tools being primarily public facing, they aren’t designed to allow video professionals to collaborate on a project during the production process.

Here we elaborate on some of the main reasons YouTube isn’t a good fit for review and approval:

Feedback Accuracy

An effective review and approval process relies on accurate feedback on works-in-progress to prevent mistakes. Clearly, using the comments feature on YouTube will lead to errors, not to mention being a laborious process. A timecode accurate solution is required to add feedback to specific frames, as well as to specific clips. Preferably a way of capturing Review/Approve decisions from a range of people will also expedite the decision making process.

Professional Format Support

Video sharing sites might be able to handle a wide range of video types, but that functionality won’t stretch to the myriad of formats that professional media companies use. These services also struggle to handle codec containers common to the latest cameras. Users also struggle to upload anything larger than 128GB, which only equates to 2.5 hours of DVCPROHD.

Team Tracking

Interactions within a team should be automatically logged over the course of a project. This is particularly helpful if you have a large amount of people involved; everybody knows what everybody else has been doing. There are no questions and no confusion.

Secure Sharing

YouTube’s sweet spot is its share function, and it’s an important element that all professional review and approval systems need. However, because YouTube is essentially a social media channel, its share function is designed to be viral – meaning that content can be shared widely with anyone. That level of openness is not always appropriate in the professional video team, particularly before the content is approved and ready to air! Security and privacy are issues that media businesses struggle with during the review and approval process because it can be risky leaking unfinished content. Not only is the organization’s IP at risk, but the brand can suffer tremendously when content that is meant for the cutting room floor ends up in the public domain. Just ask Christian Bale.

What Should I Use?

If you’re going to pay for a platform to aid your production, then why not go for a tool that offers more than just review and approval as an option? It’s sensible to try and get maximum benefit from your outlay, and using a professional video platform that provides more collaborative options means your production will be a smooth process from start to finish – not just in the review and approvals stage.

Keeping all of your content centralized makes for a slick and productive workflow. When you add a high quality, intuitive, easy to use review and approval tool into the mix, then it makes sense to adapt. A professional collaboration platform gives you that opportunity when the consumer tools just don’t cut it.

Understanding the Cloud

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