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Introducing the New HTML5 Web Uploader

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Ask any cloud vendor dealing with huge file sizes and they’ll probably tell you in confidence – the hardest problem to solve is upload. After all, what use are features, if you can’t get your content in in the first place?!

At Aframe, it’s fair to say that we’ve adopted a range of approaches over the years in an attempt to solve this core problem. Ours is a unique position; we have to cater for all different types of use cases and scenarios, from super-fast fibre to dial-up connections; from 25MB Quicktime files to 64GB P2 cards; from Brazil to Birmingham; from IT-controlled workstation to iPhone. It’s a tall order, and what we’ve learned over the years is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Today, we’re launching our new HTML5 browser-based web uploader, offering a user experience which far and away exceeds the Java applet it replaces. You can drag and drop files to initiate an upload, resume transfers affected by network dropouts, and carry on from the point at which you left off in the event of a browser crash. You can even upload from your iPhone, as the technology is supported on mobile devices.

Choose a transfer mode

The HTML5 uploader is perfect for single asset media. There are no filesize restrictions and you can drop in unlimited numbers of files in one go. However, there is a tipping point at which you would be better served by taking the plunge and installing the Aframe desktop app on your machine.


Unlike the web uploader, Aframe Desktop supports complex camera card media, and accelerates transfers using UDP file transfer technology, which can have a big affect on speeds – especially in cases where the client is far away from the server and has the benefit of a fast connection. You can also use Aframe Desktop to set up watchfolder-based workflows to automate the process of file delivery from point-to-point.

Don’t forget, we also provide an FTP upload facility for our customers who have existing relationships with suppliers and third parties who are used to submitting files using their FTP client.

We hope that the changes we’re making with media transmission power our customers further to make the most of the core proposition Aframe offers – a centrally accessible, highly secure repository for all of your high resolution media, delivering increased availability and visibility of your content across multiple geographies and teams.

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