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ProMedia Network Deploys Aframe into West Africa to Improve Collaboration Amongst Media Partners

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Westford, MA and London, September 14th, 2015 – Nigerian based solutions provider, ProMedia Network, has championed Aframe across West Africa as a solution for improving collaboration amongst media organizations.

ProMedia Network first came across Aframe when looking for a collaboration and sharing tool for its organization, Be. Television. However, the clear benefits meant the organization soon saw the potential for the Aframe platform to fulfil a wider objective, to transform the way in which the media industry works together in West Africa.

Abraham Praise, CTO, ProMedia Network commented, “The current media model in Africa is flawed due to a lack of ease of communication and sharing. It is something that frustrates us as a solutions provider, but more so as a broadcaster, which is why we went searching for a new solution. When we started using Aframe we could see the benefits straight away; they have helped us to save time, collaborate on the go and transform our workflows. Something that just wasn’t taking place in the old model.”

He continues, “I quickly realized the further potential to close the loop between creative agencies, advertisers, media planners, media partners and broadcasters in West Africa. By providing them with one central location to share, review, edit and collaborate on content, we can transform the country’s media industry. Until now, this just hasn’t been possible.”

The current process sees media organizations sharing content via email or hard drives that are sent through courier services. This process is not only costly and lengthy but it lacks collaboration and can be prone to error. With Aframe all the media organizations throughout the journey could securely share content via the cloud, which means it is always up to date, very collaborative and easily accessible from any location or device. It is also easy for broadcasters to access the final copies of all content as they have access to a list of adverts that have been fully approved.

Another main benefit of the platform for ProMedia Network was also its remote working functionality. Praise comments: “Something we love about Aframe is that any user can access everything they need from their mobile, tablet or desktop, whenever they choose and wherever they choose. This has saved us so much time at Be. Television, as users can access the content on the go.”

ProMedia Network has already implemented Aframe at a variety of media organizations but hopes to resell the solution via partner resellers such as Nexus Triangle Media to a wider network of media partners across the whole region in the coming months.

Praise concludes, “Ultimately, Aframe can save the industry time and money whilst also transforming the way in which the media industry works. On top of this the platform is very efficient, reliable, secure and the team at Aframe is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It is an extremely dynamic tool that provides real business value and we look forward to implementing it throughout the media circle in West Africa.” 

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