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4 Qualities Every Successful Corporate Video Needs To Have

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Want to get more value from corporate video?

More views? More engagement? More buyers?

Check out our breakdown of essential qualities every successful corporate video needs to have:

Pick a purpose

Think about the last corporate video you watched. Did you understand its purpose? Did it leave you feeling educated or with a compelling reason to act upon it?

Whether your video is designed to increase sales, improve internal communications or raising brand awareness, there should be no confusion surrounding the purpose. The script should get to the point immediately, be time sensitive and capture the essence of your company.

Example: Telus International Virtual Site Tour

The video below is a great example of brand messaging. Aframe customer Telus International created a series of virtual site tours to give potential partners a look inside their operation centers. It’s clear from the outset the intention is to change the stigma surrounding working in call centers.

Telus saw a great opportunity to represent their brand through video. What people see is gorgeously designed, vibrant working environments equipped to the hilt with high-end amenities and bustling with enthusiastic employees. Does it make you want to work there?

Find stories that will connect, engage and entertain your intended audience

When thinking about the stories that will support your video’s purpose, recognize that not all stories are equal. Some have an emotional pull, while others can be action packed or educational.

As you plan your next video, look at your overall objectives, get familiar with your audience and consider the context they’ll be viewed in. You have an average of 8 seconds for someone to decide whether they’re going to stay through the whole video, so develop storylines that quickly engage and inform your audience.

Another great way to engage your audience is by giving them something to watch instead of something to listen to. Look for opportunities everywhere – even down the most standard avenues. They might turn out to be the most memorable ones since nobody is expecting training videos or testimonials to be entertaining. This part-animation style training video for Tesco is a classic example of taking a common theme in a new and innovative direction.

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Put a face to a name

When you are thinking about buying something, whose opinions do you trust most?

Video is by far the most honest way to communicate. Putting a real person with a real face, front and center of the brand – whether it’s a CEO of a company or just great casting – can help make a corporate video more entertaining, increase your visibility, make your brand more trustworthy and ultimately increase sales.

People buy from those they like, so identify a few personas that your target audience relates to and who maintain your brand integrity – use them to drive your message home.

Example: Slack Testimonial Video

The video is interesting because it serves a dual-purpose – a testimonial for Slack, a real-time messaging app, plus a demo of it’s key features. Sandwich video, who specialize in making excellent short promos like this, use humor and slick animation to keep your attention through to the very end – despite being nearly 3 minutes long.

Slick visuals and design

Your message will be much easier to deliver if your visuals are high quality. No one is expecting your company video to look like a glossy Apple commercial, but that doesn’t mean it should look like someone shot it on a mobile phone. Above all else a corporate video is a prominent representation of your organization’s brand.

A powerful corporate video blends the value proposition with imagery that pushes the boundaries in visual design and drives the viewer to the unescapable conclusion that this is the only product or service for them.

If you can’t do it in-house, it pays to outsource production to specialist agencies that have a rich heritage in producing corporate video.

Example: 02, Make Them Feel Like Giants

To support their sponsorship of the England rugby team during this summer’s Rugby World Cup, telco giant 02 launched an animated campaign featuring the England Rugby Team. With a myriad of twists and turns, the film shows England players moving from bewilderment as they grow size in their everyday lives, to realization that the power of support can make them giants. Although it’s a commercial, it doesn’t directly “sell”. Instead, the use of emotion inspires fans to support the national side – not that it helped them!

Tell us what you think about Aframe’s own corporate video below – can you see all four qualities?

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