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Aframe Cloud-based Workflows Help Asia TV USA Bring Content to Worldwide Audiences

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Westford, MA and London, October 6th, 2015 – Aframe announced today that Asia TV USA, based in Iselin, New Jersey, continues to expand its cloud-based video collaboration platform to further streamline its global video production operations. Asia TV USA distributes the content of India’s massive Zee TV network and its US-based Z Living health and entertainment network, which produces popular shows including Good Food America, A Model Guru, and The Lisa Oz Show, to a worldwide audience.

With a global operation that spans the US east and west coasts, Mumbai, London and Singapore, and advertisers all over the world, the movement of media is the lifeblood of Asia TV USA’s organization. Prior to deploying Aframe’s cloud platform, the company spent too much time waiting for content in transit. Getting hard drives cleared through customs was particularly daunting.

“Aframe has let us eliminate all of the waiting and realize huge savings in shipping costs. More importantly, we no longer have to wait for hard drives and tapes to reach their destinations or worry about damage or corruption of the media,” said Mike Tuttle, broadcast operations manager Asia TV USA, “We store our entire library on Aframe so if clients want something in its original format we just send a link and the delivery is done.”

Tuttle Aframe

Asia TV’s Aframe seats are spread out worldwide and used to accomplish many different tasks. In Los Angeles the creative team uses Aframe to preview shows and look for clips to use in promos. In New York the sales team uses it to receive ads from clients, review and approve them, then forward the links to the finals to Tuttle, who sends them off for broadcast. Overseas, syndication teams use Aframe to download lower resolution clips to iPads to take them into client meetings.

Uploads can happen from any location, and the Asia TV staff particularly appreciates the ability to give ad content creators ‘FTP upload-only’ accounts that don’t take up any of their user seats, while keeping client media and other materials secure via separate logins and passwords.

With a fast-moving, collaborative worldwide process in place, Asia TV USA is now expanding to Z Living offshoots in Latin America, Russia and Dubai. The content will be a combination of some programming originally in Hindi and some originally in English. For this workflow, the Mumbai team creates NTSC and PAL versions of the entire library in an unmixed format so it can be overdubbed in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian. The Mumbai team uploads to Aframe and then the Miami team translates it and uploads the new VO to Aframe for the company’s team in New Jersey to pull down, comp in the Avids, finally uploading show masters back to Aframe for broadcast.

“What we have in place is truly a worldwide workflow,” Tuttle said. “I can’t imagine how we could run our current operations or drive our push into Latin America without utilizing a cloud-based solution”

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