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Keshet International: Accelerating the Process

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Cynthia Kennedy - KeshetBusinesses around the world want to be able to collaborate throughout the video creation process and have access to content anytime and anywhere. Video content is often stored 
in silos within media asset management (MAM) systems, and is inaccessible or invisible to others. This slows down processes and leads to unnecessary duplication of effort and increased costs. The problem is compounded by separate departmental budgets that make the commissioning of video a disconnected and slow process. However, the introduction of innovations such as Adobe Anywhere has put powerful editing technologies in the hands of the remote worker. Moreover, video collaboration platforms that allow large video files to be accessed, shared and edited securely via the Cloud are making fixed, local infrastructure an expensive and limiting overhead.

In addition to this, the broadcast industry is indeed facing a war for talent. As competition grows ever fiercer, the smartest broadcast organisations will be those that embrace new ways of working and virtualise their infrastructure to improve company culture and efficiency. By leveraging innovative video collaboration technology, employers can ensure that, rather than being tied to the studio until the early hours, employees can kiss their kids goodnight – and still complete their edit on time and on budget. And executives can access that work, whenever they need it, wherever they are.

We spoke to Cynthia Kennedy, Sales Director at Keshet International about why she chose to implement video collaboration platform, Aframe, and the ways in which it has benefitted her work processes.

Could you start by giving us a bit of background on Keshet International?

Yes, of course! Keshet International is Keshet Media Group’s global distribution and production arm. It was established in 1993 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Keshet is the leading Israeli media company, specialising in reaching audiences through existing and emerging media platforms and has a daily TV reaching to 70% of households. Programs from Keshet are provided by in-house productions as well as independent producers and span across all genres, including comedy, reality, drama, news and current affairs.

So what were your main reasons for implementing Aframe?

After using Aframe in my previous role at BBC Worldwide, I was very keen to get the platform implemented at Keshet. Being able to share screeners instantly with my prospects was such a huge benefit that I knew the Keshet team would also see the positives. We implemented it very quickly and have already seen great results.

Can you tell us about the different ways you use Aframe?

Aframe is a great solution for me is because it saves me a huge amount of time during the sales process. It takes the focus away from the logistics of delivering content to clients and lets me focus on closing new deals, not to mention the cost savings of cutting out DVDs and couriers. The fast efficiency of the platform also means I can show trailers or episodes to clients within seconds of pitching a show to them on the phone and getting the content in front of them when the conversation is still fresh in their mind is hugely helpful when it comes to the decision making process.

What would you say are the main benefits of using Aframe at Keshet International?

Aframe provides a variety of benefits, but most of all I can confidently say it makes our sales processes shorter. The ease of getting the decision making materials in front of the client definitely helps accelerate the process and takes my mind off having to worry about a complicated process of uploading, downloading and file sizes. It’s a great platform and I would definitely attribute the ease and efficiency of Aframe towards helping me achieve my targets. I would certainly recommend Aframe to other organisations.

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