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5 Reasons Why Users Love Aframe’s 2015 Fall Release (And You Should, Too!)

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1. The Settings tab has two new sliders – one for upload and one for download

Does your IT team want more control over their transfers? Simply manage the proportion of bandwidth on the local network allocated to transfers carried out by Aframe Desktop.

Aframe Settings Tab - SliderMoving the slider from left to right will increase the aggression of the transfer. So, if the slider is pushed all the way to the right, the transfers will assume priority, consuming as much of the network bandwidth as it possibly can (effectively pushing other traffic out the way in some cases). When the slider is close to the middle, it will allow general web traffic ahead of it but will still consume as much of the remaining bandwidth as it can get. When it’s furthest to the left, the transfer will take a backseat to other traffic on the network.

2. HTML5 Downloader

Looking to transfer an internal comms video without the hassle of installations or plugins? Transfer a single file, or a small group of files, and have them download right in the browser with a minimum of fuss.

Select a single file, click download, a pop out window launches and the transfer begins automatically:

Aframe's HTML5 Downloader

Click to play GIF

The HTML5 Downloader is the counterpart feature to the HTML5 uploader we released in September.

3. Document thumbnails

Trying to distinguish between media files? AIFFs WAVs and MP3s are represented in thumbnail form by a waveform. JPEGS, PNGs, TIFFs and PDFs are displayed in thumbnail form by a low-res image.Other document types like project files, .zips and .pptx remain in a thumbnail form using the same colorful placeholders we’ve had since NAB 2015.

Moreover, each thumbnail will now have a little indicator in the top right to indicate media item type. At a glance, I know that this is a video clip (apologies, vegetarians):

Aframe Video Clip Indicator I know that this is an image: Aframe Image Thumbnail I know that this is an audio file: Audio file thumbnail and I know that this is a document: zip icon thumbnail

4. Audio track selection in HTML5 player

Users now have the ability to mute and enable audio tracks present in the original source media while previewing video in the browser; a feature particularly useful for international promotional and re-versioning teams.

Audio track selection in HTML5 player

Click to play GIF

If you’re browsing on Safari or IE, when viewing a clip which has multiple audio tracks, you’ll notice a new icon in the player overlay: Aframe slider icon Clicking on this will display a list of available audio tracks. Click on them to select them during playback:

We’ve also added a keyboard shortcut to cover the feature. Hitting ctrl+t (command+t) during playback will call up the audio track selection menu. Use the up and down arrow keys and hit enter to select / deselect tracks. Pressing esc will remove the track selection menu from your screen.

5. New communication channel for our customers

Have a question you need to ask us quickly? Start a direct communication in our web app. You’ll notice a new little button on the bottom right of the page.

Intercom icon - located bottom right

If you click on this, a panel to the right of the page will extend, inviting the user to ask a question or add their feedback.

We always enjoy hearing from you – so what do you think of our latest iteration? To learn more about our Fall 2015 Product Release, visit the videos page.

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