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Quick Tips To Help Make Aframe’s Fall Release Totally Awesome!

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In a similar vain to our last post Why Users Love Aframe’s Fall Release (And Why You Should Too!), these short walkthroughs will attempt to describe how users can make the most out of our new features – released as part of the Fall 2015 Product Release.

1. Unified User Experience

If you navigate to the media page you’ll see that we’ve switched to presenting user options in lightboxes. None of the buttons change, and there is no change in functionality, but there is a change in how information gets displayed to the user. With that in mind, we’ve included a few examples below:


Download from Aframe

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Share via Aframe

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Notice, no more dropdown menus! Okay it maybe a small change, but it’s often the little things that make all the difference.

2. Passwords for Enterprise

Need account security that’s sustainable for both in-house systems and external third party service providers?

When your Aframe account is now created, there are a new set of configurable options under the heading of “Password Policy”. Check any that apply to your account’s needs, and hit “Update policy”.

From that moment on, anybody who joins the account will be forced to meet the criteria of the password policies set when they accept their invite to a project. If a user tries to “break the rules”, then they are blocked from joining the project. Simple as that…

3. Administer Abilities

Give your IT and Ops team tight control over what their users can and can’t do. Simply click on the new “Abilities” tab (administrators only), where you’ll see a list of all of the things people can do on Aframe:

Administer Abilities on Aframe

Abilities dictate what your users can do on Aframe – which features they can access and how they can use them.

If the admin disables an ability in error, it’s easy to reverse their decision. Just clicking on “Enabled” and saving will reinstate that ability to all users.

4. @mentions in comments

Did you know when you’re typing in the comment box, hitting the @ sign will call up a list of users on the project?

@users on Aframe
This list will narrow down based on partial matches against the username, first or last name of the person you want to mention:
narrowing down a user on Aframe

You can use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to choose from the list also, hitting enter will auto-complete the mention:

Commenting on Aframe

When you author the comment, the mentioned user will get an email containing a timecode-embedded link to the media page:

Timecode embedded link on Aframe

When the user clicks on the link, the video plays back from the exact frame at which the mention was made. They can mention you back if they wish to respond:


We love @mentions too – tweet us your favorite tidbits from our Fall 2015 Product Release to @AframeHQ.

If you enjoyed learning about our latest iteration, watch a demonstration of all these features on our video resources page.

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