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See Aframe In Action In Live Online Event

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On Friday 15th January I’ll be delivering my first ever public demo of the Aframe platform. I’ll be sharing with you why I think it has the flexibility to help on a range of video challenges – in all professional video settings.

We’ve held webinars like this numerous times previously, most recently in our Fall 2015 Product Release. Unlike our other webinar presenters, my background is less in video and more marketing and communications. It’s fair to say this presentation will be a little different and offer you a new take on the platform!

Aframe Fall Release 2015

Even though I don’t have a complete technical understanding of the platform (though by all means do ask questions, as our experts will be on hand to answer them!), I do see the tremendous value Aframe brings to clients in so many diverse industry sectors.

Although my own experience is in managing marketing functions in organisations like Salesforce, Dell and Monster, I already appreciated that there are a wide range of challenges and complexities in video, but more often than not this was outsourced. As businesses bring video in-house the issues of data security, storage, collaboration and broadcast are becoming increasingly prevalent in the corporate world.

At Aframe we’re seeing a huge number of clients that don’t have the television and film background that we’ve always been used to. They are often just starting out on their video strategy and we find ourselves helping solve their video and business challenges, which makes the process even more rewarding.

So if you’ve started 2016 with a resolution to manage your professional video assets more efficiently and effectively, please register for our live online event.

About Aframe CMO Lisa Hutt:

Lisa Hutt

Lisa leads the global marketing strategy and marketing group at Aframe, responsible for thought leadership, brand awareness and growth initiatives.

Lisa joined Aframe following a portfolio career in consulting and marketing management with, RingCentral and Concur during critical growth periods. Prior to that, Lisa held marketing roles with tech companies including Dell, Intel, Epson, Sybase and Monster where she developed a deep understanding of taking nascent technology to market.


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