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Have You Updated to Our New Desktop App?

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Building on the success of earlier releases which allowed users to combine accelerated media movement for both upload and download, automated cloud transcode and much more – the latest version of the Desktop App takes this one step further with several enhancements and a fresh UI to make managing video assets more efficient, accessible and cost effective.

  • A more granular view into progress, both for single files and large queues

  • Greater accuracy in the ETAs communicated by the application

  • Much simpler UX – users no longer have to worry about cards, folders and single files – the app talks to ingest to identify media types even before transfer starts

  • As a result, files land in the project at the earliest possible opportunity – no more waiting for everything to finish uploading before you get new items in the project

The app has a new UI. Here’s what it looks like when it’s scanning for changes to the watch folder:

Scanning for changes to the watch folder

And in this next illustration, it’s identified that files have been added:

The Desktop App identifys that files have been added

It allows 30 seconds for the contents of the watchfolder to settle, before firing over some information to ingest using the iAPI. This allows the ingest app to break down the contents of the watch folder into cards and single files, and it sends the information back over the wire to Aframe Desktop, which starts transferring the blocks:

Transferring the blocks - Aframe Desktop App

You can clearly see progress details of the transferring file, and also you get an indication of how much of the queue is awaiting transfer. The progress bars move along as the files transfer and the queue gets processed.

When transfers complete, the little clock (or “transfer history”) icon on the right starts flashing.

Transfer history icon starts flashing - Aframe Desktop App

This is telling you that your content has successfully made it to our servers. Click on it to view details:

Successful upload history - Aframe Desktop App

“The Aframe Desktop App is designed to revolutionise the way you send and receive professional video files between the different locations in your organisation. By keeping the user experience simple, users can build out their own distributed network – leveraging Aframe as a central point for added flexibility throughout their operations.” Rory McVicar, Head of Product at Aframe.

Get Started

Installing the new upgrade couldn’t be easier. Aframe users can navigate direct to and follow the prompts.

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