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Aframe Head Urges Operators To Address Video Challenge

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Aframe Head Urges Operators To Address Video Challenge

David Peto, CEO and founder of Aframe, believes operators must learn how to manage vast amounts of video flowing on networks better, given insatiable demand from consumers.

UK-based Aframe is a cloud platform for video collaboration, and claims to provide a central location for people to “instantly, view, access and work with high resolution video”.

The company deals with a range of video content, whether it is Hollywood films, or video from news reporting on a mobile phone.

Speaking to Mobile World Live, Peto said the “demand for video is never going to stop”, as he spoke of the increasing importance for networks to adapt to consumer demands.

“It’s not about the volume of people creating video, but it’s the fact that everybody wants better quality, they want it faster and they want it across multiple devices, so it’s never going to slow down,” he said.

“Nobody said they didn’t want 4K, and they’re all going to want 8K. It’s always going to keep climbing.”

Peto said its “understandable that whoever owns the network should try and make the best out of them”, as he addressed the controversial strategy of operators throttling select video services, but he doesn’t believe this is where the solution lies.

“There is a battle against the fact that the consumer wants equal access to any service and when you look historically at some of these cases, between the likes of Netflix and operators, it’s never turned out well.”

During the interview, Peto also opened up on the company’s new platform, designed specifically for the defence and intelligence industry.

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