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Central Repository for all BBC Formats

BBC Worldwide were looking for an agile platform where different versions of screeners could be stored and shared with clients across the globe to stream online or download.

How Aframe helped BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide is the main commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Its mission is to create, acquire and develop media content and brands around the world in order to maximise the value of the BBC’s assets.

The organisation holds the rights to hit titles such as ‘Dancing With The Stars’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Top Gear’, and broadcasts them to audiences across the globe through a range of platforms in a way that is consistent with BBC values and standards.

Profits are then retained into new BBC programmes and services ensuring that lasting and popular shows like these can continue to be developed and enjoyed by UK license fee payers.


With over 200 formats and programme figures in the thousands, BBC Worldwide owns one of the largest back catalogues globally. Each request for a screener would entail a dedicated member of the sales team burning either a DVD or executing an FTP file transfer which can be unreliable and frustrating if connectivity was lost. This repetitive and time-consuming step caused unnecessary costs and it was often found that the wrong screener had been shared causing further delays.

To consolidate all file transfers into one simple solution, the formats team at BBC Worldwide were looking for an agile platform where different versions of screeners could be stored and shared with clients across the globe to stream online or download.


BBC Worldwide can now manipulate media in Aframe seamlessly. All uploads, downloads and transcodes happen without manual invention – the sales team can then use Aframe’s intuitive platform to instantly share content with clients.

By tapping into Aframe as a central resource for all screeners, BBC Worldwide is able to ensure that only approved content is available for the team to share. Assets are organised and tagged so they remain live and can be found and accessed instantly. Each format is managed via collections, this helps manage version control, providing the correct language editions and distributing only approved content.

With Aframe, BBC Worldwide could consolidate all file transfers into one simple solution and keep track of file movement, and users, in one place. The Metrics Dashboard provides the London office insights into their account, including storage, uploads, downloads and sharelinks. This provides the operations team with trends and analytics throughout the year, important insights into which formats are popular, what shows the sales teams are discussing and promoting and when launching a new format the reception that it receives– this proved incredibly valuable around their biggest events of the year: Showcase, MIPTV and MIPCOM.

Aframe’s platform is fully resilient with strong authentication providing control of who, when and how content is accessed, including a complete audit trail of all interaction. When consulting on brand guidelines for a sold format this helped sales teams easily gather input from collaborators into one central place.

Links can be set to expire and named individuals may only be granted access to each screener. If a client requests a screener for download, the team can set permissions to let the recipient download either a proxy or the original format version. This streamlined sales process and more reliable delivery of media has helped to shorten the sales cycle, broadened sales reach across new territories and ultimately assisted revenue growth in format sales.


"Everything we do is focused on helping our clients manage the complexities of the video workflow – finding, sharing, and reviewing media faster and more cost effectively, wherever they are," commented Aframe founder and CEO David Peto. "And it is great that the BBC Worldwide formats team have also been able to benefit from this."

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Business analytics, share link management, global collaboration.


  • Creating a central resource for screeners that the whole team could use
  • Consolidating all file transfers into one simple solution
  • No reporting or analytics to make informed decisions

By using Aframe's platform for all screeners, BBC Worldwide are able to share content with partners securely, control assets centrally and reduce sales cycles.

Aframe provides BBC Worldwide with a centrally managed portal that can be used as a central repository where different versions of screeners are stored and shared with clients across the globe to stream online or download.


  • Broaden sales reach: A central cloud platform helps organisations share assets and communicate more effectively with partners, particularly if the ecosystem is complex or geographically distributed. Improved efficiency increases reach and makes it easier to scale sales operations.
  • Professional service: Innovative technology combined with a simple user interface gives distribution groups a professional image and improves customer service.
  • Analytics: Use the metrics dashboard to display analytics on storage use, per-account seat allocation, file transfers and share links created.