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Streamlining the Edit Workflow

"Aframe makes the early editing part of the process easy and simple."

Series Producer, Jon Riley.

How Aframe helped CPL

CPL Productions are renowned for creating and producing engaging, modern entertainment and factual formats. CPL owns a rich back catalogue of content, which feature some of the UK’s best talent both on and off screen.

‘Off Their Rockers’ is a new hidden camera series that sees senior citizens hitting the streets of Britain on a fearless mission, to dupe the general public with an assortment of light hearted pranks, mischievous set pieces and carefully crafted stunts.


With the need for production companies to amalgamate footage from a host of contributors and cameras formats into a single project space, they face inevitable delays and complexities when moving footage out of the camera and into the production workflow. This makes it difficult to coordinate notes and approvals from multiple sources efficiently. Runners spend hours creating log sheets and the end result is something that's time-consuming and inefficient to work with.

CPL demanded a vendor with solutions that could replace the traditional time and cost-intensive manual process of ingesting rushes, retrieving footage tapes and organizing large video files.


After a detailed review of Aframe’s capabilities, CPL selected Aframe to help improve their edit processes, specifically organising clips into sequences more easily than the traditional paper edit.

To expedite the workflow, CPL ingested their rushes into Aframe daily via purpose-built UDP technology. This accelerated uploader facilitates high-res dailies to be imported straight from the camera to Aframe's video platform swiftly – with no broken files or frustrating restarts, as is common with other file transfer solutions. Once there, the clips are transcoded into a common codec, which can be distributed to a dispersed team of editors via the unique clip-sharing feature.

As Aframe is cloud-based, files can be collected from anywhere and stored in one central place, making them easier to manage. When there are many hours of footage, preparing for the edit can be laborious, but with Aframe, reviewing and sorting clips became quicker and more cost effective.

CPL used Aframe to comment on the timecode of their footage, organize the rough-cuts into a quick assembly and then review the clips in sequences. A formerly cumbersome process for CPL became far more efficient and freed up editors time so they were able to focus creating a great show.

The team enjoyed Aframe’s easy to use interface because they were able to rapidly get to grips with the system almost immediately. The intuitive user experience meant that CPL didn’t require any training and that the whole production team could access the project, no matter their technical ability.

Whilst managing their assets, project administrators could control who had access to the media with Aframe’s permissions feature, ensuring that IP was protected and monitored at all times. Coupled with Aframe’s multi-layered cloud infrastructure and FACT certification, CPL’s content was completely secure in the cloud.


With Aframe, CPL arrived at the edit suite more prepared, making the process more efficient and with less cost.

"Normally on a hidden camera show like this I'd paper-edit the clips and then ask an editor to put it in a sequence for me to see if it looks good. With Aframe, I can rough-cut the clips myself, organize them into a quick assembly and then watch them back to back." said Series Producer Jon Riley.

"If I don't think the clips look right together, I can simply drag and drop the clips until I'm happy with it. Aframe makes this early editing part of the process easy and simple".

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Accelerated ingest, team collaboration, edit flow.


  • Streamlining the edit workflow
  • Provide greater freedom to organize clips into sequences

CPL ingested their rushes to Aframe daily, allowing the whole crew to start working with the footage immediately, wherever they were, with no training and without the need for any hardware or software.

Aframe's software allows the production crew to store, share, search and edit their high res media on an easy to use interface.


  • Accessibility: Instant global access to a media asset management system.
  • Simple Collaboration: With Aframe, work together on video productions across timezones, territories, or even just across town.
  • More streamlined production process: Logs, tags, comments, subclips are directly linked to the video timecode, making the Edit go much more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Use any pro edit system: Edit Flow gives you the freedom to work with your professional edit package of choice through its integration with Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Adobe.