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A global digital media brand and
the original creator network

Maker Studios is home to award-winning original short form video and the largest influencer network worldwide. Founded in 2009 by a group of forward-thinking content creators, Maker has grown to attract billions of views every month across social and on-demand platforms.

Headquartered in California, (sitting under The Walt Disney Company umbrella), with operations in 12 markets across the globe, Maker Studios is home to best-in-class technology aimed to serve creator needs. Their technology platform offers top-notch analytics and royalty reporting, community forums for sharing tips and tricks, plus unique video management tools for a one-stop shop designed to help creators accomplish their goals in the most effective way possible.

With media shoots in several regions: EMEA, ANZ, SEA and North America, Aframe’s leading ability to distribute extensive amounts of video quickly and securely from disparate locations made them a clear partner of choice.

Unlike other solutions, no dedicated hardware or software is required in the workflow. “Aframe provides us with a cloud-based server solution that allows us to store final masters and assets for all our productions in a central location that is easily accessible by our stakeholders worldwide. We can share edits with clients in a fast and efficient way. We can also receive raw footage from shoots that take place in other countries, in a way that is much faster and cheaper than couriering an HDD.” Becci Ride, Production Manager at Maker Studios International.

Creators have the flexibility to use any available recording device without the need to pre-transcode before it is uploaded into Aframe. Maker make use of Apple Pro Res QTs alongside XD CAM and C300 camera cards to afford a maximum creative effect.

Aframe’s accelerated web uploader and desktop app offers a reliable method of globalised media movement so each creator can be confident to get their media online no matter the connectivity. As its automated, creators didn't have to wait around unnecessarily. Coming into work the next day, the media is ready to work with.

Not only does Aframe provide a secure 3x back-up of all the content, Maker can preserve their local storage by only downloading the content they would use. 3 terabytes of files are stored in high redundant datacenters in London and LA and made available online.

Ride cited a scenario in which Aframe saves significant risk, “As an international production company, it’s important for Maker to be able to share our content with colleagues in other global territories without the risk of multiple WeTransfer links getting into the wrong hands. Aframe allows us to create share links and expire them when we no longer wish to have people viewing the content.”

Content is made playable to executives on a wide variety of devices PC, Android, Mac etc. who can confirm it’s is both fit for purpose and consistent with the brand values of Maker – particularly relevant in the context of influencer marketing. Each share link can be set to expire and named individuals may only be granted access to each clip.

Aframe adds efficiency to the entire process with easy to use tools to quickly sort, filter and find exact clips and moment of footage meaning edits start (and finish) faster.

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Transferring original content in parts of world where they have limited bandwidth

+ Process of receiving rushes from suppliers in other countries

+ Sharing edits with executives in a fast and efficient way


Aframe provides a content management system that can cope with the demands of uploading and transferring 35 gigs of footage daily.

Footage shot locally is uploaded and available immediately online regardless of network conditions or distance.

Edits start (and finish) faster. Team members can collaborate more effectively and freeing time to focus on the creative.

FTP access point for external clients and suppliers to provide their footage


Overall Efficiency - Creatives can access a centralised system and act on content from 120 projects in an instant and post it to online channels faster worldwide.

File movement savings - Full resolution native footage shot locally is transferred across the internet to a secure workspace regardless of location, file format or total size.

Secure central portal - Share links can be set to expire and named individuals may only be granted access to each clip.