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Simultaneous Multi-Project Management

"Aframe rivals major digital dailies solutions feature for feature, and its use costs us a fraction of dedicated solutions – an amazing saving that lets us deploy Aframe throughout our operations."

Rich Carroll, post-production supervisor at MarVista Entertainment.

How Aframe helped MarVista Entertainment

MarVista Entertainment Inc. (MarVista) is a leading independent producer and distributor of programming that has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

MarVista has produced an unforgettable catalog of productions that have featured on Syfy, Lifetime, ABC Family, the Hallmark Channel, TeenNick, ION, and the Disney Channel.


Production houses routinely must amalgamate footage from a host of contributors and cameras formats into a single project space. They face inevitable delays and complexities when moving footage out of the camera and into the production workflow, and it’s often difficult to coordinate notes and approvals from multiple sources efficiently.

Any solution would immediately be under extensive scrutiny as MarVista had scheduled shooting five independent features simultaneously around the world. The team quickly identified the need for a robust vendor that could expedite ingests from multiple cameras and locations, assist in distributing rough cuts and coordinate approvals.


Instead of waiting for a courier to drive raw footage across town – and performing transcoding as a separate step, Aframe enabled MarVista to streamline their workflow by sending footage direct from multiple camera types (Sony XDCAM and ARRI Alexa) into Aframe’s secure cloud-based video platform – using the latest accelerated file transfer technology.

Once there, the original rushes were stored as web proxies that Aframe generates automatically – saving an extra step in the production workflow and several hours each day.

Footage from the shoot could be sent instantaneously throughout the world for review on a standard web browser. By having convenient access and timecode specific comments on the dailies, editors could generate a faster turnaround in decision-making, so they were able to get to the Edit more quickly.

“We took to Aframe instantly. It's a natural, intuitive, fast and invaluable part of both our production process as well as our post-production workflow,” said Rich Carroll, post-production supervisor at MarVista Entertainment.


With Aframe, MarVista avoided the need for burning and distributing 10 sets of DVDs each day. Aframe’s ability to transcode and move footage directly from cameras into the cloud, and deliver content as web links in an email, assisted MarVista to prepare dailies for upload and viewing an average of 24 hours earlier than before.

The fast turnaround came in handy – an editor discovered a fault with the production audio on a production as he reviewed the dailies from the first day. The team were able to make the appropriate adjustments on set the next day, avoiding considerable cost adjustments down the line – allowing MarVista to stay on budget and to the schedule.

Rich Carroll, post-production supervisor at MarVista Entertainment endorsed Aframe as a system that was intuitive and fast enough for them to adapt to both their production and post-production workflows.

“As a rule our budgets and schedules are efficient by necessity, and leave little room for error. Dedicated digital dailies solutions are out there, but Aframe is more budget-friendly. Aframe rivals major digital dailies solutions feature for feature, and its use costs us a fraction of dedicated solutions – an amazing saving that lets us deploy Aframe throughout our operations” said Carroll.

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Media movement, multi-format transcode, team collaboration.

Collecting, viewing and distributing dailies for review.

Cloud-ready solution, Aframe’s platform expedited review and approval of dailies as part of a hyper-streamlined workflow.

Aframe’s efficiency in turning around dailies footage in hours allowed MarVista to stay on top on schedule with ease even during peak volume.

MarVista were able to organize quick identification, deliver fixes of issues the next day, and help working teams of artists and producers at different locations to communicate creative decisions more readily.


  • File movement savings: Web-based content deliveries avoided occurring any courier costs.
  • Fast Implementation: Aframe met the project’s tight timeline through faster collaboration for the entire team on shared project files and automatic transcoding for immediate viewing.
  • Worldwide Accessibility: Instant global access to media asset management system.