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Seamless Remote Workflows

“Overall the workflow is more efficient and transparent and on top of that the cost for the service they provide is exceptionally good.” 

Louise Davis, Post Production Manager at Objective Productions.

Objective Productions, part of the All3Media group, are renowned for producing cutting edge and innovative scripted comedy, drama, factual, children’s and magic TV programmes for major broadcasters in the UK and US.

Recent productions include ‘Derren Brown: Apocalypse’, prime-time game show ‘The Cube’, comedies such as ‘Peep Show’, ‘Fresh Meat’, and new entertainment challenge, ‘King of the Nerds’.

The acclaimed comedy series ‘Toast of London’, co-written by Arthur Mathews and Matt Berry, won the award for ‘The Best New Comedy Programme’ at the 2014 British Comedy Awards. The C4 series revolves around Steven Toast, an eccentric middle-aged actor with a chequered past who spends more time dealing with his problems off stage than performing on it.


Production houses continue to report an increase in demand for greater flexibility from clients who want to be able to review rushes and be kept abreast of progress on edits wherever they are. Rushes from ‘Toast of London’ needed to be circulated and reviewed by a group of exec producers, editors and commissioners spread throughout the UK.

Underpinning this development is the availability of more widely available, faster and more secure connectivity. The production team quickly identified the need for a robust, high-speed transfer platform from a proven vendor that could assist in distributing clips and coordinating online approvals.

The provider would also need to have the capability to limit access to certain members of the team, the ability to view clips on mobile devices, iPads and laptops, with the option to download selected clips for offline viewing.

Looking for a platform which could help speed up the post production process, Objective Productions felt Aframe, with its track history in assisting scripted productions was an obvious choice.


Aframe began by helping Objective Productions to implement a process that meant editors and edit producers could upload packages to Aframe themselves, without requiring a post production operations team, thus removing a potential backlog as there could be up to 20 packages to upload in a single day.

The edit assistant ingested clips into Aframe's secure cloud storage facility through Aframe’s automated UDP uploader - no dedicated hardware was required.

Aframe created a link to the footage and automatically sent it with an expiration date to team members and execs, who could review and approve content online, or download it locally on their iPad or laptop for viewing offline.

When reviewing the footage, Objective Productions were able to review the best takes from the day and create timecode specific comments, ensuring they'd captured what they needed before reaching the edit. This prevented the need for costly re-shoots at a later date as issues like audio and lighting problems would only traditionally be picked up in the edit suite.

The whole team were able to gain access to the footage far quicker than before resulting in a faster and less-stressful production - edit producers could view and prepare what they were going to edit a week in advance, giving them more time to focus on being creative.

Louise Davis, Post Production Manager at Objective Productions, commented:“With ‘Toast of London’, we needed a seamless process to make sure the whole team had daily access to what was being shot. It also provided the offline editors the ability to upload daily rough cuts so the team on set could review and comment on the filming so far, making the editing process far slicker. We had tried and tested other options and vendors but Aframe’s workflows were much better suited to our needs and proved to be much more cost effective,” said Davis.

All user activity on the project was captured and displayed on a simple dashboard so administrators could monitor the comments and edits of each team member. Aframe's permission controls further ensured the IP was protected and that each collaborator could be monitored at all times - project owners managed their team’s abilities by specifying what functionality and project workspace they want each team member to have access to. By simply clicking the tick box on the relevant function they could also remove the ability to delete clips, download clips, export metadata and share clips.


“Overall Aframe has helped us to reform the way we manage the post production processes and has substantially changed our workflows for the better. The workflow is more efficient and transparent and on top of that the cost for the service they provide is exceptionally good.

I really enjoy working with Aframe and their internal teams and look forward to using them on many more projects moving forward. It became a ‘must have’ for the next batch of archive shows in the series,” Louise Davis, Post Production Manager at Objective Productions.

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TV Production - Comedy

Accelerated UDP uploads, review & approval, video asset management

Finding a system which could help speed up the post production process.

Aframe was used to upload footage at the end of each filming day in order for the series director, director of photography and producers to review the daily rushes and make comments from wherever they were.

Improved the speed of review, made footage accessible and everything was easily available online.


  • Automatic multi-file transcode: Automatic proxy viewing versions of all footage ingested.
  • File movement savings: Web-based content deliveries avoided occurring any time delays, security risks and rising courier charges.
  • Simple collaboration: With Aframe, work together on video production across timezones, territories, or even just across town.