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Blindingly Fast Review & Approval

"The simplicity of being able to review footage from wherever they are makes it extremely convenient, collaborative and far more cost effective than our previous methods.”

Nicky Poulton, Drama Production Manager at Tiger Aspect.

How Aframe helped Tiger Aspect

Tiger Aspect Productions, part of the Endemol Group are internationally recognized as one of the UK’s most prolific producers of drama, entertainment and factual shows.

Tiger Aspect is responsible for national treasures such as 'Mr. Bean', 'The Vicar of Dibley', 'Billy Elliot' and the crime drama 'Ripper Street'.

Their latest drama commission revolves around a gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham just after World War 1. The story centres on the historic Peaky Blinders gang who sewed razor blades in the peaks of their caps and their fierce boss, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), who means to move up in the world. Series two brings Hollywood star Tom Hardy into the fold, seeking revenge for Tommy’s past.


Filming of the second series featured a multitude of settings including Leeds, Bradford, Keighley, Manchester, Liverpool and Birkenhead. Sending high resolution media to and from multiple destinations involves managing the transfer of very large amounts of complicated video data. In many cases this previously involved sending drives by courier or struggling with unreliable FTP connections.

The producers on Peaky Blinders required a platform that would allow them to work around the UK without costly hardware, software or training. They would need to handle the entire production online and be able to quickly share footage, feedback and any edits securely with a large number of executives on the move.

The successful delivery of media movement on the production of the crime series 'Ripper Street', provided the catalyst for Tiger Aspect to extend their allegiance with Aframe’s specialist software for the production of award winning show, 'Peaky Blinders'.


The drama department benefited from sharing a common workspace tailored specifically to the requirements of the second series. Dailies, along with associated metadata, were all stored on Aframe and made accessible, instantaneously, to anyone involved in the project – no dedicated hardware or software was required.

Being device and location agnostic meant executives could review, log, annotate and download what was being filmed as it was uploaded. Aframe’s multi-format ingest granted the producers maximum flexibility to use any available recording device without the need to pre-transcode before it is uploaded.

A web proxy of any clip uploaded is automatically created so users can simply email collaborators a link with expiry dates to the footage, which is viewable on a standard web browser or mobile device. This ability to view clips on the move and the option to download selected clips for offline viewing on laptops and PCs ensured that even when Tiger Aspect executives were unable to attend an edit viewing, they were still very much part of the process.

“Aframe proved its value again during the production of ‘Peaky Blinders.’ The main benefit for us is the speed of sharing footage with executive producers and the executives at BBC2. The simplicity of being able to review footage from wherever they are makes it extremely convenient, collaborative and far more cost effective than our previous methods. It has certainly aided in the quick and efficient post production of the show,” said Nicky Poulton, Drama Production Manager at Tiger Aspect.

All user activity was captured and displayed on a simple dashboard so project administrators could monitor the comments and edits of each team member. What's more, at the click of a button, Aframe's permission controls ensured the IP was protected and collaborators could be monitored at all times - project owners had the ability to invite users and specify their level of access and functionality within each collection of footage.


Aframe provided an easier and more secure way to work than their previous dailies review process. Head of Drama Will Gould concludes: “Not only has Aframe provided significant benefits in terms of the production and post-production processes, but we continue to be impressed by its ease of use. People are comfortable with the solution and enjoy using the platform, and although we do alternate staff between productions, Aframe is so user-friendly that there is very little training needed.”

“Overall, the platform is a great asset to the team and we will continue to work with Aframe where we can on future projects.”

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Collecting, viewing and distributing dailies for review.

By using Aframe’s secure cloud platform to upload and share content, producers were able to dramatically improve the speed of review, as well as ensure that even when executives may be unable to attend the edit viewing, they were still very much a part of the process.

The secure distribution of transfers via the cloud provided Tiger Aspect with unprecedented rapid access to the day’s rushes, enabling quick and efficient review.


  • Ease of use: with a simple platform that required little training, the whole team were able to quickly get to work, even reviewing dailies and weekly rough assemblies from mobile devices around the UK.
  • Secure review & approval: with far greater control over who had access and when footage was available until, Aframe delivered peace of mind for everyone from Edit Assistants to Producers and Directors.
  • Fast implementation: Aframe met the projects timeline through faster collaboration for the entire team on shared project files and automatic transcoding for immediate viewing.