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Making TV Distribution Slicker

"Since using Aframe we have been able to provide a much quicker, more professional and slicker service, which ultimately improves our bottom line"

RDA Sales Manager Paul Benson.

How Aframe helped RDA TV

RDA TV is a media rights distribution company specializing in sports content, and highly successful action-entertainment programming aimed at young male audiences.

RDA also brokers programming deals with channels and networks across the globe to maximize the exposure, revenue and brand growth of its clients. It works on behalf of some of the world's leading programming brands including UFC, TNA Wrestling, Real Madrid TV and Liverpool FC.


When you are selling some of the world’s most exciting sports programming to some of the biggest and most respected broadcasters around the world, being able to share content quickly is an essential part of the sales process.

Traditional approaches to distributing screeners by DVD pose significant time delays, costs and security risks. RDA demanded a vendor that could expedite distribution for their entire programme catalog.

“We were looking at ways to drive efficiencies into our sales cycle and we knew the daily process of burning DVDs and sending them by courier was expensive, incredibly time consuming and not actually that useful to our customers or our team” said RDA Sales Manager Paul Benson.


RDA TV chose Aframe specifically because of the online software’s unique clip sharing feature, which would allow consumers to playout any desired clip in a matter of minutes.

Aframe automatically creates h.264 web proxies, so footage can be sent instantly for review on a standard web browser – no dedicated hardware or software is required.

RDA users simply select their desired clips, enter the recipient’s email address and send a message with the link to see the clip in a universally accessible video player. They can also enable the recipient to download the original format of the clip, and if the recipient is an Aframe user they can comment on the clip too. This saves ripping hundreds of DVDs and excessive courier costs and makes the review process lighting fast.

With Aframe’s simple to use interface, RDA control who has access to the media, ensuring that IP is protected and monitored at all times. Coupled with Aframe’s multi-layered cloud infrastructure and FACT certification, RDA’s high value content is completely secure in the cloud.


Moving HD content around the world in an accelerated and secure fashion made working within tight deadlines possible for RDA.

“Since using Aframe we have been able to provide a much quicker, more professional and slicker service, which ultimately improves our bottom line” said Paul Benson.

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Secure global distribution, video asset management


  • Speed up the sales process by improving the way the team share screeners with potential customers.
  • Save money by reducing the reliance on DVD duplication and couriers.
  • Provide a more professional and personalized service to better reflect RDA’s brand

The sales team can use Aframe’s intuitive platform to securely share high value clips with clients on any web browser, replacing a cumbersome DVD distribution process.

RDA utilized Aframe to leverage cloud computing as a smarter way to distribute their catalog of sports and entertainment programming content.


  • Secure back up: A cloud-based archive means the team can be more flexible and adaptive to changing scenarios in production, distribution and sales.
  • File movement savings: Web-based content deliveries avoided occurring any time delays, security risks and rising courier charges.
  • Ease of use: Easy integration of Aframe technology ensures RDA TV can deal with each client’s unique standards and requirements.