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Distributing Digital Dailies

“By using a secure cloud approach to store and share content, we’ve dramatically improved the speed of review, and made the entire process painless yet secure.” 

Will Gould, Head of Drama at Tiger Aspect for 'Ripper Street'. 

How Aframe helped Tiger Aspect

Tiger Aspect Productions are internationally recognized as one of the UK’s most prolific producers of drama, entertainment and factual shows.

Tiger Aspect is responsible for producing national treasures such as Mr. Bean, The Vicar of Dibley, Billy Elliot and Murphy’s Law. Series 2 of the renowned hit crime drama Ripper Street is set in the Victorian East End of London in the aftermath of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. The series scored rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic attracting an average audience of 7.1 million viewers on BBC America and a third series was commissioned in 2014.


Ripper Street’s workflow involved distributing digital dailies and weekly rough assemblies from on location in Dublin to a set of Exec Producers, Directors, Editors and Commissioners spread throughout the UK. Despite having existing systems in place to facilitate basic media movement, the production team identified the need for a more powerful platform to meet the production's requirements. These included the need to limit access to certain members of the team, the ability to view clips on mobile devices and the option to download selected clips for offline viewing on laptops and PCs.


Aframe designed a workflow that would best improve the automation of media movement. To fulfill Tiger Aspect’s stringent requirements, Aframe’s cloud video platform allowed dailies to be uploaded swiftly, stored securely in the cloud and made ready for distribution immediately to a geographically dispersed team of professionals on the move.

Aframe’s automatic proxy transcode enabled footage to be reviewed by any producer on a simple web-based interface. Aframe automatically created web proxies for Ripper Street clips, so footage could be sent instantly for review on a standard web browser. With on average 15x faster uploads than FTP, the team at Tiger Aspect were able to gain access to the footage far quicker than before resulting in a faster and less-stressful production.

When reviewing the footage, Tiger Aspect were able to select the best takes from the day and create timecode specific comments, ensuring they'd captured what they needed before reaching the edit. This prevented the need for costly re-shoots at a later date as issues like audio and lighting problems would only traditionally be picked up in the edit suite.

Thanks to Aframe’s FACT certification, Tiger Aspect could rest assured that their footage was completely safe and secure, so no copyright or IP was likely to be compromised.


The secure distribution of transfers via the cloud provided Tiger Aspect with unprecedented rapid access to the day’s rushes, enabling quick and efficient review.

Tiger Aspect rolled out Aframe to staff throughout the UK giving them the ability to upload professional video clips to a globally accessible project. Unique upload technology helped teams with poor or unreliable connectivity maximize their available line speed. The rest of the team could then review the footage, before providing timecode-based feedback.

Throughout the 8 month shoot, Aframe’s platform offered a compelling, cost-effective mechanism for high value, time-sensitive content.

“By using a secure cloud approach to store and share content, we’ve dramatically improved the speed of review, and made the entire process painless yet secure,” said Will Gould, Head of Drama at Tiger Aspect.

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Media movement, multi-format transcode, team collaboration.

Collecting, viewing and distributing digital dailies for review.

Aframe’s powerful cloud platform provided Tiger Aspect with easy access to review Ripper Street’s rushes, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming hardware implementations.

Improved the speed of review, made dailies and rough cuts accessible and everything was easily available online.


+ High-speed transfers: Tiger Aspect shortened their end-to-end workflows by moving large high-resolution video files to the cloud at maximum speed regardless of network conditions or distance.

+ Worldwide Accessibility: Instant global access to media asset management system.

+ Fast Implementation: Aframe met the project’s tight timeline through faster collaboration for the entire team on shared project files and automatic transcoding for immediate viewing.