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Global Review, Approval and Distribution

“Aframe costs us one-tenth of the purchase of a typical media asset management system…it’s one of the smartest technology decisions we’ve made.” 

Unmesh Khadikar Head of Information Technology at Veria Living. 

How Aframe helped Veria Living

Veria Living TV is a forward thinking 24/7 television network offering the world’s largest line-up of first-run, original wellness programming – connecting viewers in a contemporary and accessible manner to the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle.

Veria Living has produced an enviable catalog of productions such as Good Food America, Rock Your Yoga and Yoga Sutra, which have embraced viewers throughout the world with a mixture of food, fitness and health segments.


Veria’s program library of over 1,200 hours of HD programming (equivalent to 60TB) was spread out over dozens of external hard drives. Traditionally, the sales team would find out what shows were of interest to a perspective client and then put in a request with the media manager internally to create some DVD screeners. Often, they would experience drive failures, corruption, shipping and customs delays, as well as rising courier costs.

Veria demanded a vendor that could help centralize their media library on a redundant and secure platform, allowing them to run a more efficient global distribution operation.


With partners in New York, LA, Singapore and Mumbai, Aframe’s leading ability to distribute extensive amounts of video quickly and securely around the world made them a clear partner of choice.

Aframe’s bespoke ingest solution overcomes the traditional problem of uploading large video files quickly – no frustrating restarts or broken files as is common with other file transfer solutions.

Veria promptly uploaded their entire library of episode masters and textless masters into Aframe’s secure cloud storage facility. Other assets such as audio stems and stills were uploaded to the documents tab on Aframe to offer peace of mind regarding their redundancy and security. By using Aframe for their longer-term storage needs, Veria were able to free up some space on their local NAS.

Since Veria opted to have all of their new studio content transcribed using Aframe’s tagging service, the team can search for a variety of keywords that relate to the client they are meeting - segmenting product placement and provoking stronger sales figures.

Aframe’s intuitive functionality assisted Veria to easily control who had access to their media, create accounts and give download rights for individual files or collections of files. Instead of the days it would take before the DVD was processed, shipped, and received, potential clients can now have screening links within minutes. Additionally, by requiring a login on those links, they are able to verify if and when the client views the materials.

The Veria sales team continue to use Aframe as the core of their digital delivery workflow by using a project with FTP uploading enabled. Upon securing any new advertising clients, they distribute a PDF that contains the FTP credentials and the preferred format. The client or agency, many of whom use automated FTP watch folders for a multitude of channels, can then add Veria’s FTP credentials to their system.

When a spot is ready for delivery, their systems upload directly to Aframe where the Veria can then review, approve, and book the spot. Once the spot is booked, they use the share link to pass the spot along to the Broadcast Operations team and get it on air. This accessibility allows Veria to efficiently deal with each client’s unique standards and requirements, with always-accessible content stored securely in the cloud.


By utilizing Aframe as their centralized distribution hub, when Veria licenses content abroad or launches their linear channel in new territories, their time to air is tremendously faster as the content is readily available for the client or partner in the cloud.

“Aframe costs us one-tenth of the purchase of a typical media asset management system…it’s one of the smartest technology decisions we’ve made.” Unmesh Khadikar Head of Information Technology at Veria Living.

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Accelerated ingest, FTP transfers, secure global distribution, tagging.

Sharing screeners with potential clients & content delivery.

Aframe UDP ingest solution uploaded the entire media library into the cloud. The sales team can then use Aframe’s intuitive platform to instantly refine and share content with clients, replacing a cumbersome DVD production and distribution process.

Veria Living continue to utilize Aframe to leverage cloud computing as a smarter way to review, approve and distribute a variety of wellness programming content.


Secure back up: a cloud-based archive means the team can be more flexible and adaptive to changing scenarios in production, distribution and sales.

File movement savings: web-based content deliveries avoided occurring any redundant storage and rising courier charges.

Ease of use: easy integration of Aframe technology ensures Veria can deal with each client’s unique standards and requirements.