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Aframe 3.0

Automated workflows, greater control over users and the most advanced video player available.

Launched at NAB 2014 Aframe’s latest feature set takes even more pain out of the production and broadcast process – as well as complementing your existing on-premise technology. Aframe 3.0 offers automated workflows, greater control over permissions and user abilities and the most advanced video player available.

Desktop App

Automated upload & download capabilities streamline your workflow by accelerating media movement

  • Automate processes for your regular workflows saving time and hassle during upload and sharing.
  • Smart upload technology automatically chooses the best connectivity settings based on available bandwidth.
  • Conveniently sync folders on local machine with projects or collections in the cloud.
  • Automate the download of assets from the cloud to a specified location on your local machine or network attached storage.
  • Upload directly into a download-enabled folder, allowing for a streamlined point-to-point media movement workflow.

House Format Transcode

Automatically receive files ready for broadcast

  • Less effort spent transcoding one file format to another, plus, cut the cost of expensive transcoding tools.
  • Uniform data configuration means everyone has peace of mind that regardless of the input format, Aframe will provide the right output format for your organisation.
  • Versatile format options to suit all broadcast requirements.


Redefined user powers give you more control over the entire team.

  • More adaptable users settings give the organisation greater control over users and what they are permitted to do.
  • Permissions can mirror organisational structures, hierarchies and roles.
  • Peace of mind that users will not be able to perform damaging, malicious or reckless actions against the organisation.

Allocated Workspaces

Limit access to specific areas within a project.

  • Granular permission structure gives a new tier of structure to Aframe accounts for improved management.
  • Project users can invite third parties to work within a dedicated space inside the project without compromising security.
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