Rock Solid Security

Aframe offers multi-layered security, trusted by the leading broadcasters, media organizations and enterprises

Application Security

We take the security of your media on your account very seriously.

The Aframe app ( is encrypted with extended validation 256-bit SSL encryption at all times. This means that our corporate identity and place of business has been verified by SSL certification. Look for the green box in your browser that says “Aframe Media Services Limited”.

Our developers work continuously to monitor and protect our services from attack vectors such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting.

Server security on Aframe

Server Security

Access to data on our servers is encrypted to FACT Certified standards.

Aframe’s data centers are protected by sophisticated firewalls, which are regularly tested and access to data on our servers is protected by powerful encryption.

A 2048 bit RSA encryption key controls access to Aframe’s live servers. Only certified members of the Aframe team have these keys and we keep a thorough audit log of any actions performed on our live servers.

Network Protection on Aframe

Network Protection

3x automatic data replication.

At Aframe we firmly believe data is not safe unless it is verified to be stored in at least two geographically separate locations. Therefore any asset stored with us is replicated at a twin site, regardless of where it was ingested.

The network connections between Aframe’s data centers and our offices are dedicated links belonging to Aframe. We don’t share them with anyone else; we are the only people who use them. They are direct site-to-site high speed connections which terminate at networking equipment owned and administered by Aframe.

physical security on Aframe

Physical Security

Store something in Aframe and know it will be housed within highly secure data centers in locked racks.

Access to Aframe’s data centers requires a special Photo ID and biometric scanning. They are monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV and on-site security staff. All Aframe’s data centers are designed to the highest possible standards of reliability to withstand and maintain service in the event of natural or manmade disasters. Our data centers will automatically switch power supplies to a set of in-house generators and fuel systems.

Media Backup on Aframe

Media Backup

Automatic data replication ensures files are backed up hundreds of miles apart, at opposite ends of the country.

Today, if you upload to our center in New York City it is backed-up in Los Angeles, and the opposite occurs if you upload into our LA data center. This same setup exists between our data centers in the UK.

The only circumstances under which a member of Aframe’s staff will view your media is if you give us permission. For example, if there has been a problem with the ingest process which loads your media into the system we’ll view the original and ingested files to identify the issue and work with you to solve it. If you’ve given us or one of our upload partners your media on tape or disk drive to ingest, we keep all media in a locked safe before and after the ingest process. 

IP Security on Aframe

IP Security

We take the security of your footage very seriously which is why we ensure our servers meet the toughest industry standards.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) is one of the leading trade organizations established to protect and represent the interests of its members’ Intellectual Property (IP). FACT works closely with statutory law enforcement agencies to combat all forms of piracy and members include global film distributors, TV broadcasters and sport rights owners. 

FACT accreditation requires annual testing of our systems and processes which go above and beyond the levels set by FACT. Protecting your IP is at the heart of what we do.

Media Security on Aframe

Media Security

Keep user passwords, files and frames secure.

Aframe uploads and downloads are encrypted in transit (UDPS, FTPS, HTTPS) for protection of your media from your facility to the cloud via AES encryption on both the control and media connections.

Once the media is ingested, two RAID 6 copies are created on two separate stacks in the primary data center, with a further copy backed up to a secondary data center across the country.

Account Security on Aframe

Account Security

Granular permission structures and configurable user settings to give you greater control over your Aframe accounts.

Administrators can monitor activity within their projects via the activity page, which is essentially designed as an audit log suitable for enterprise-scale use. 

Your dashboard provides an overview of all of the projects you’re currently working on. Once inside a project, the menu extends to include different spaces within the selected project. The Settings page incorporates a secondary layer where you can conveniently access administrative controls for managing the team, creating FTP end-points, choosing available transcodes and extending the project permissions.

Project owners can manage their team’s abilities by specifying what functionality and project workspace they want each team member to have access to. By simply clicking the tick box on the relevant function they can also remove the ability to delete clips, download clips, export metadata and share clips. 

In addition to these granular permission controls, which apply to your team on a project-by-project basis, you can now also invite third parties to work within a dedicated space inside the project without compromising security. Aframe users now have the ability to create an FTP upload point with a set of credentials for a user who is not part of the project. Uploaders can’t log in or view footage, they can only upload via FTP. Perfect for external contributors or stringers out in the field. 

Share links can now also be managed even after they have been published. For users with the share ability on a project there is a navigation item where they can get a list of all links ever created, when they were created, who by, when they expire, plus a button to render them inaccessible.

Guaranteed uptime on Aframe

Guaranteed Uptime

With 99.9% uptime, we're confident you'll be able to access your footage whenever you need to.

Aframe has been designed to be available all of the time, regardless of what else is happening. Fixes and small updates are deployed automatically without you noticing, but from time to time, like all computer platforms, we need to take Aframe offline for maintenance or major upgrades. When this happens we always give you plenty of notice and schedule it outside normal working hours.


FACT Certified

FACT was established 30 years ago to represent its members across the UK and global film, television, technology and sports rights industries. The organisation protects the interests of its members through intelligence gathering and by working with law enforcement to generate actions against individuals and groups involved in piracy.

It also assists in providing best practice on protecting its members’ valuable IP from production through to release. The FACT Certification Scheme forms an important part of that overall protection.

Companies wishing to provide services to the audio-visual industry which meet the prescribed security levels are accredited for a period of twelve month and then subject to further annual inspections to renew the accreditation. FACT can also make unannounced visits throughout the year.

The main points of the FACT security survey are:

  • Physical security of the building
  • Alarm systems (Red Care or equivalent standard)
  • CCTV Systems (minimum of 30 days storage of images)
  • Access Control Systems
  • Digital Security
  • Audit trails
  • Staff vetting and training
  • System for visitors

The security of our systems goes above and beyond the levels set by FACT and will work to ensure that it continues to do so. Protecting your IP is at the heart of what we do.