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The only platform that supports high resolution media, accelerated file transfer, multi-format transcode, metadata, video player, dynamic search, asset management, secure sharing, online collaboration, review and approval, and a metrics dashboard.

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Media Asset Management

Aframe’s cloud platform provides a secure central location for organizing and managing assets in different formats and different stages of the lifecycle. 

Unlike other solutions, Aframe enables users to instantly access, view and collaborate on video assets wherever they are located.


Global Access

Aframe's Media Asset Management solution won’t tie you to a specific place. Assets are safely stored in the cloud so you can easily access, view and share your content from anywhere on the planet. 


Granular permission structures and configurable user settings give you greater control over your IP. Administrators can track usage of seats, storage and sharing.


Aframe takes the security of your content very seriously. Aframe's secure cloud infrastructure meets the highest industry standards and is FACT accredited.


Fast File Transfer

Aframe has accelerated file transfer technology built in. Teams transfer any volume of footage to their central cloud repository. The platform adapts to changing connectivity, 

offering a reliable method of globalized media movement. High levels of security are maintained throughout transfers and a range of control measures are available.


Any Format. Any Size.

Full resolution native footage can be transferred across the internet to a secure workspace regardless of location, file format or total size.

Reliable Transfers

Aframe overcomes problems of uploading large video files. No more frustrating restarts if the connection drops and no broken files.

Bandwidth Adaptive

Automatically select the best available transfer protocol according to your connectivity.


Automatic Transcoding

Aframe reduces complexity and saves time by automatically transcoding footage from the widest range of native camera formats upon ingest. 

Aframe creates a proxy version that can be viewed in a standard web browser while original files remain unaltered in native camera format. 


Format Agnostic 

Aframe supports the widest array of pro-video formats on the market, in any complex file format and container.

High Quality

H.264 proxies can be streamed on a low bandwidth retaining high image quality for review and approval.


Automatic transcoding streamlines your workflows, helps remote teams collaborate more effectively and frees time to focus on the creative.


Cloud Storage

Highly secure cloud infrastructure is used to store content to maximize efficiencies and minimize risk. Datacenters in London, Los Angeles and New York are designed to the 

highest possible reliability standards. The infrastructure has full failover in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. Every clip is copied three times for added security.



Never worry about maxing out your local server capacity again. You can increase your storage requirements and users at will.

Broadcast Ready

Our cloud is designed to handle the challenges only professional video teams experience: large files, mixed formats and massive transcoding. 


Aframe provides multi-layered security, trusted and tested by the biggest names in the professional media creation industry.


Review and Approval

Aframe simplifies the review and approval process. Easily gather input from reviewers into one central place. Now your team, legal, compliance, advisers and clients can see, 

comment and approve professional media – wherever reviewers are located. Instantly see everyone’s response and make faster decisions on how to proceed.



Send secure links to review material in a central location. The project team can comment and approve clips instantly wherever they are.


No more confusing email trails trying to work out who said what and when. Pinpoint exactly when the team responds and what they said.


Combine metadata management and timecode commenting for a complete feedback loop. 


Searchable Video

Content is immediately indexed with every piece of available data attached to it. Use keywords for fast and accurate search across all projects and filter within search results to 

pin down the assets needed. If you need help adding searchable data, let our professional tagging, logging and transcription services help you.



Frame accurate metadata ensures you can find the exact moment you need, regardless of how much content you’re searching through.

Multiple Sources 

Aframe retains all source metadata and provides a fast and simple means to enrich your footage with further frame-accurate metadata. 

Search Everything 

Whether it’s the camera original metadata, tags or comments added after the edit, Aframe’s powerful search scans all available data fields and projects for the clips you need.