Collecting, Viewing and Distributing Cuts for Review.

"The fact we can view on any device, from iPhone to iPad to desktop, whilst ensuring all footage remains secure is really reassuring and beneficial to production.” 

Initial’s Nic McNeilis, Executive Producer on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’.

How Aframe helped Initial

Endemol's Initial is one of the UK’s leading entertainment content creators and producers. The company is behind large-scale productions including ‘Big Brother’ (Channel 5), 'I Can Cook' (CBeebies) and ‘Soccer Aid’ (ITV 1). Initial also has a long running partnership with Camelot to produce ‘The National Lottery Draws’ on BBC One.

‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ is a celebrity entertainment series with a comedic twist. Based upon Endemol’s hit show, which is already established in 26 countries worldwide and counting, the series challenges celebrities to perform as different music artists before a panel of judges each week.


As production companies work to increasingly tight schedules in delivering series to air, getting footage to external collaborators quickly, efficiently and securely is often an arduous problem.

Initial’s post-production house, Crow TV, sent producers multiple clips of contestants on the show so they could monitor how well contestants were adopting their new personas, as well as a full copy of each Saturday’s live broadcast to be analyzed in preparation for the next show.

To tackle these challenges, Initial were faced with the slow and expensive process of burning and sending DVDs for review.


Given the short duration of the series, Aframe could provide a compelling, scalable, cost effective review and approval mechanism for time-sensitive content.

To speed up the process, Aframe’s bespoke ingest solutions overcame the traditional problems of uploading professional video files. With Aframe’s accelerated file transfer technology, uploading a 1.5 GB file of a 75-minute episode took just minutes – and that file is made viewable to the entire team working on the project, instantly.

Once uploaded, Aframe automatically creates a H.264 web proxy of the media to enable the production team to view, manage and share their clips easily on any device. Aframe’s unique acquisition capability facilitates a device agnostic workflow, so producers can review cuts from any web browser and operating system – enabling faster decision-making and a more efficient production.

Initial’s project administrator controlled access to files by assigning rights to team members, meaning only those with appropriate permission were able to view the files. The security of Aframe’s servers has been FACT accredited and connections to Aframe are encrypted according to industry standards.


“Aframe is a great way to view footage quickly and efficiently. The fact we can view on any device, from iPhone to iPad to desktop, whilst ensuring all footage remains secure is really reassuring and beneficial to production.” Initial’s Nic McNeilis, Executive Producer on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’.

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Collecting, viewing and distributing cuts for review.

Aframe’s powerful cloud platform provided Initial with easy access to review cuts, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming distribution implementations.

Aframe helped eliminate nearly a full day spent waiting for review content to arrive, saved shipment costs and hassle, and kept production on the same page creatively with newfound ease.


  • Device Agnostic: Users access Aframe from any web browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. They can utilize any operating system: Mac, Windows or Linux. They can view clips on computer, smart phones or tablets.
  • High-speed transfers: Initial shortened their end-to-end workflows by moving high-res video files to the cloud at maximum speed regardless of network conditions or distance.
  • Accessibility: Instant global access to a media asset management system.
  • File movement savings: Web-based content deliveries avoided occurring any hardware or courier implementations.