Enabling Rapid Growth in Global Distribution

"The control of media, secure and immediate sharing and the cost effectiveness of the service have definitely contributed to the success of Keshet formats worldwide."

Ziv Rabinovich, Head of Operations, Keshet International.

How Aframe helped Keshet

Keshet International is a leading Israeli media company. Established in 1993, it creates innovative content for a variety of media platforms.

The company's core business is free TV with Keshet Broadcasting - a franchisee of Channel 2, Israel’s major commercial channel. In-house and independent producers, spanning all genres including entertainment, drama, factual, news and current affairs, provide Keshet programming.

Keshet International is the group’s global distribution and production arm. Its back catalog contains Israel's most popular shows, including hit drama series Hatufim (Prisoners of War), which was sold to 20th Century Fox and adapted into Emmy Award winning show Homeland; hit interactive talent show Rising Star; International Emmy nominated docu-reality format Dear Neighbors, Help our Daughter Find Love; talent show Master Class; cross platform format 50 Things You Have to Know; reality dating format Girlfri3nds; game show The Vault; and 'buddy comedy’ Traffic Light, winner of the International Emmy Award.

Following the success of Homeland, new MD Alon Shtruzman and Head of Distribution & Acquisitions Keren Shahar, recruited a dedicated Sales team to help take other Keshet formats to overseas markets.


Ziv Rabinovich was brought in to support the company's rapid growth and overhaul the facilitation of the Sales process as Head of Operations, just as opportunities were exploding through the popularity of the Homeland franchise. He wanted to help make the sales process far slicker so that the team could focus on selling, rather than battling with technological obstacles.

“One of the main challenges of TV distribution is sharing screeners. Sales people need the ability to share viewing copies of shows to their customers quickly and securely, but in a way that is convenient to the client,” said Head of Operations Ziv Rabinovich.

For moving screeners around, the sales team were using various file transfer technologies without efficiency. Problems arose because clients had to download the footage before it could be viewed, which presented further security concerns. It also put the onus on the client to work harder than necessary – not ideal during any sales process.

The team even considered adapting their own website to host and show full episode screeners, but the infrastructure required to provide the necessary control of approved content, security and speed were huge challenges.


After a detailed review of a range of technologies, Keshet International chose Aframe because it had so many features already in place that are well suited to the distribution sector.

By using Aframe as a central resource for all screeners, Keshet International is able to ensure that only approved content is available for the team to share. This helps manage version control, providing the correct language editions and distributing only approved episodes.

The sharing features within Aframe offer the ability to quickly and easily share Keshet’s valuable content, whilst minimizing the risk of a security breach. A central operations team controls access to footage by carefully managing links to streamed content. Links can be set to expire and named individuals may only access very sensitive media.

On most occasions the sales team offer online streamed versions of the programmes they’re selling, but sometimes they need the flexibility to offer clients an episode to download. With Aframe they can choose to let recipients download a proxy or the original format version, all with the peace of mind that all activity is logged in the system.

Using the cloud enables Keshet to deliver content to people with blazing speed, not to mention convenience. Recipients can choose to view content in browser on computers, tablets and smart phones. This rapid review process gives the sales team the opportunity to vastly reduce sales cycles, eliminate wasted time battling technology and concentrate their efforts on building relationships and closing deals.


“Aframe is, at least in part, responsible for the significant improvement in sales at Keshet International. The control of media, secure and immediate sharing and the cost effectiveness of the service have definitely contributed to the success of Keshet formats worldwide,” said Ziv.

The Aframe platform is also being rolled out to other departments within Keshet International, including Production companies in the UK, Australia and Canada for the organisation’s format development and co-productions.

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  • Securely sharing screeners with clients & customers.
  • Optimizing the sales process to focus on selling, not technological obstacles.
  • Creating a central resource of approved content for the entire team to use.

By using Aframe's platform for all screeners, Keshet International are able to share content securely, control assets centrally and reduce sales cycles.

Keshet International utilizes Aframe as a smarter way to coordinate global productions, review, approve and distribute to broadcast and digital channels.


  • Ease of use: Easy integration of Aframe technology ensures Keshet International can deal with each client's unique standards and requirements.
  • Secure backup: A cloud-based archive means the team can be more flexible and adaptive to changing scenarios in production, distribution and sales.
  • File movement savings: Web-based content deliveries avoided occurring any time delays, security risks and rising courier charges.