Enabling a cross-country production

"Aframe saved us approximately 15% on the overall post-production budget."

Donna Mulvey-Jones, Head of Post Production and Facilities, Maverick TV.

How Aframe helped Maverick TV

The production company behind Embarrassing Bodies, Island Hospital and Bizarre ER, All3Media-owned Maverick TV leads the way in UK ob-doc formats. True to their name, they thrive on producing innovative, unique and courageous programming.

Maverick started life in 1993 founded by Jonnie Turpie in Birmingham. They now have offices in London and LA and have won numerous honours including a Digital Emmy, a Bafta and RTS awards for innovative multiplatform content. Embarrassing Bodies has now aired over 100 episodes on Channel 4 since its 2007 debut and has been syndicated to more than 100 countries.


This one-hour show, 'Gok Does Panto' took a behind-the-scenes look as TV presenter Gok Wan made his stage debut in the Birmingham Hippodrome performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Filmed over the course of a month in London and Birmingham, the show followed the trials and tribulations of the Channel 4 star as he prepared to play the ‘Man in the Mirror’ during the 2013 festive season.

Head of Post Production and Facilities Donna Mulvey-Jones wanted a solution to the potentially painful and expensive proposition of moving the entire edit 120 miles North, halfway through filming. Staff needed to work on the content on each day of the production due to the show’s tight schedule, so Donna looked for technical alternatives to limit disruption and save on the post production budget.

Shoot ratios are typically high on most ob-doc productions, so with deadlines looming the footage needed to be logged quickly to help editors filter and find specific clips.


After a detailed review of Aframe’s capabilities, Maverick selected Aframe to help move dailies between Birmingham and London and provide a fast and simple means to add metadata to all of the content.

Maverick filmed on location in and around Birmingham before bringing all of the content back to the office. There, teams pushed the original rushes up to Aframe where it could be accessed and downloaded by the London based edit team. Not only did this provide a secure back-up of all the content, Maverick were able to preserve their local storage by only downloading the content they would use.

Aframe’s simple Logger application was used by a junior member of the production team to input metadata. Users can assign clips to specific loggers, who then quickly add logs to the timeline. The logs show up as searchable text, accurately assigned to the correct ranges on the timecode.

The team enjoyed Aframe’s easy to use interface because they were able to rapidly get to grips with the system almost immediately. The intuitive user experience meant that the team only required a little training and customer support to get up and running.


Head of Post Production and Facilities Donna Mulvey-Jones said: “Aframe was a great addition on this production. It’s so easy to use that the team enjoyed using it throughout the shoot. For me, we didn’t have to move the edit, saving us approximately 15% on the overall post-production budget.”

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Media movement, Aframe’s purpose built logging solution, team collaboration.


  • Distributing rushes quickly and securely around the UK
  • Discovering a solution that could index video to make footage discoverable

UDP uploads streamlined transfers at unprecedented speed. Aframe added efficiency to the entire production process with easy to use tools to quickly sort, filter and find exact clips and moment of footage.

Maverick TV saved 15% on the overall post-production budget.


  • High-speed transfers: Maverick TV shortened their end-to-end workflows by moving large high-resolution video files to the cloud at maximum speed regardless of network conditions or distance.
  • Simple collaboration: With Aframe, work together on video production across timezones, territories, or even just across town.
  • Ease of use: Easy integration of Aframe technology ensured producers could meet its aggressive time-to-market goals.