The Headaches of High Shoot Ratios

"Creativity is what it’s all about – and because we had more time to be creative, I felt we produced our best series yet."

Sporty’s Editor Steinar Marthinsen.

How Aframe helped TV2 Norway

Norway’s largest commercial television station TV2 produce the hit show Sporty, which aims to inspire and motivate Norwegian people to lead healthy lifestyles.

In the fourth series of Sporty, cameras pursue 10 athletes getting in shape ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Filming was based in three separate locations around Norway, before footage was transferred back to headquarters in Oslo for organizing, filtering and editing.


Factual entertainment shows typically have very high shoot-to-air ratios. With 450 hours of footage shot for 8-episodes, the production of the 4th series presented several problems for the team.

Sifting through such a massive amount of footage was so time consuming that the production team would allocate 40% of each edit cycle to sort, manage, log and organize footage for each episode.

Confronted by big shoots and tight deadlines, a provider that could upload transfers swiftly in single sessions was essential in conjunction with a solution that could index video to make footage discoverable.


Aframe’s purpose built UDP technology allowed high-res dailies to be imported straight from the camera to the cloud video platform at unprecedented speed – with no broken files or frustrating restarts, as is common with FTP.

Aframe begins capturing metadata the moment a piece of footage is uploaded. Once production reaches the edit stage, all of the metadata is automatically transferred straight into a choice of pro editing packages – vastly accelerating the total offline post time.

Advanced permission controls allow project administrators to control who had access to files by easily assigning rights to team members – keeping the archive private and only accessible to those that need it.

Aframe’s purpose built logger solution enabled Sporty’s production team to quickly annotate the timeline with timecode-specific logs to enrich the footage. Logs, tags, comments and subclips are directly linked to the video timecode to augment efficiency in post production.

By being more organized with their clips, editors could search for exact moments from any location based on athletes, scenes or actions – no need to refer to log sheets or prep clips. A formerly cumbersome process for TV2 became far more efficient and freed up an edit suite.

The level of efficiency Aframe delivered compared to our very well-practiced workflow has genuinely impressed us. After three seasons of Sporty, we were skeptical as to how much time Aframe could actually save us, but we were pleasantly surprised," said Sporty’s Editor Steinar Marthinsen.

By utilizing Aframe as one central location for storing and managing all footage in the cloud, producers could assemble rough cuts and complications with ease, socialize them among the team, note everyone’s comments and arrive at the edit prepared, with all the footage pre-assembled producers were able to focus on real video challenges rather than technical ones.


Not only did the show get produced faster than ever, we got to spend additional time in the production cycle on our storytelling. Creativity is what it’s all about – and because we had more time to be creative, I felt we produced our best series yet,said Steinar.

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Accelerated UDP upload, Aframe’s purpose built logging solution, team collaboration.

Harnessing a more efficient edit workflow.

UDP uploads streamlined transfers. Aframe added efficiency to the entire production process with easy to use tools to quickly sort, filter and find exact clips and moment of footage.

Centralized accessibility and indexes streamlined review, helping TV2 to produce "best series yet".


  • Simple collaboration: With Aframe, work together on video productions across timezones, territories, or even just across town.
  • Fast implementation: Aframe met the productions tight schedule through faster collaboration for the entire team with indexed project files.
  • Worldwide Accessibility: Aframe exists entirely in the cloud – this eases your access and improves your security.
  • Ease of use: Easy integration of Aframe technology ensured producers could meet its aggressive time-to-market goals.