Powerful Cloud Video Solutions


Aframe reduces the complexity of working with high resolution, multi-format media by centralizing assets in the cloud and making it easy for teams to view, access and collaborate on content wherever they are. Typical benefits include:

34% improvement in workflow efficiency and productivity

32% improvement in security and business agility

30% increase in content usage, returns and revenue

30% reduction in complexity and technical issues

23% saving in cost


Centralized Video Platform

Aframe makes managing media simple, efficient and cost effective. Global teams and international partners can store media securely 

in a central location to collaborate on projects instantly.



Eliminate the time, cost and risk of sharing media files globally. Aframe can manage high volume, multiple formats and unlimited file sizes.


Aframe is the only system to combine a professional video toolset with enterprise grade cloud security, storage and worldwide accessibility.


Aframe has passed the industry’s most stringent security and disaster recovery tests and is trusted by the world’s largest broadcasters and corporations.


Collaboration for Promos and Reversioning

Aframe's central platform helps promos and reversioning groups take control of their assets and manage them more effectively.

With Aframe, teams can be more innovative and make more use of their content.


Reduce Complexity

Less time spent wrestling with technical issues saves time and means that teams can be more productive. 

Increase Control

A central platform helps you take control of your IP, manage who has access to content and what they do with it.

Improve Productivity  

Bring together colleagues, clients and partners for effective collaboration.


Commercial Portal for Sales and Digital Distribution

Aframe helps commercial teams manage their content and communicate more effectively with partners. Improve growth by monetizing assets faster and be more competitive.


Sales Efficiency

Easily create online catalogs, sales kits and screeners. Improve your organization’s professionalism, reach and revenue, overnight.

Self Serve

A central portal helps overcome the commercial and technical challenges of distributing assets. Users securely access the media they need to share, streamlining the sales process.

Professional Service

Innovative technology combined with a simple user interface gives distribution groups a professional image and improves customer service. 


Cloud Powered Workflows for Production

Focus on creating the highest quality content and free your teams to be more innovative. 

Aframe reduces the complexity of managing media across all types of production wherever your teams are based.



Finish productions in record time with cloud powered workflows. Everyone has instant access to the content they need from one central place.

Quality Control

By reducing the barriers of production, work with the teams you want to and spend more time crafting your story.   


Improve project management and collaboration with colleagues, clients and partners.